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Fire Coat

That is one helpful technique. How should it feel like? So I know when I should stop increasing the temperature.
Uhh know its...I have no idea.
I was never really any good with those types of spells. Forest incinerating Firestorms and Lightning Dragons? I'm your Witch! Fire Coat or Soft Gale? Better ask someone else...
— Yensid & Helenia
  One of only a handful of fire spells that are not used for destructive purposes. A useful tool that has saved many a Firemage over the centuries. Developed by accident, allegedly a Firemage was just trying to copy the Lightning Armour, it has since become a staple of their arsenal.  


  Once cast, there will be no obvious result. At least it will seem that way to any observer. Sharper eyes, however, will notice the caster's skin begin to glow ever so slightly. This is the result of Mana saturated with the Fire Element flowing under their skin. Its temperature depends on the will of the user, who regulates it by intensifying or lessening the Mana flow.   From a warming blanket on a cold autumn or winter day to a life-saving coat that withstands even the harshest of blizzards, the Fire Coat is a versatile tool in any Firemage's arsenal.  


  The primary requirement is access to the Element of Fire. It does not have to be one's primary affinity but does require adequate control over the element. A larger Mana reservoir is not a requirement for the technique itself but needed to keep it active under harsher conditions and for longer periods.   The spell should not be pushed to its upper limits i.e. overloading it with Mana. It has been observed that this can cause spontaneous outbursts of fire from within the caster. This presents no danger to the Mage but can cause fires in the surrounding area.  
Its counterpart is the Cooling Cloak. A rather recent invention when it comes to spells. I remember it because it was developed by one of my old teachers at the Temple. Councilor Rev...Rev...I always forget his name. Great teacher though. Loved color. Could talk about it for hours.
— Helenia
Related Discipline
Elemental Magic
Fire Magic
Related Element
Effect Duration
up to 12h
Mage (fully mastered version)
  • focus Mana
  • form as blanket under your skin, stretch it across the entire body
  • concentrate on the Regenerative Aspect
  • focus Mana in the rune for Fire
  • infuse Mana blanket with Fire Element
  • regulate temperature by increasing/decreasing Mana flow

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Cover image: by Alfven Ato


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Oct 27, 2019 20:07 by Grace Gittel Lewis

This is a pretty idea for a spell! I love the twist on pyromancy and making something that isn't purely destructive, and the casting instructions are a nice touch!