Osseus Moon

Harmon's Harvest

When Fragmenterra befell the world, many would argue that The Grey Wastes was the most adversly afflicted land. While the many that would argue this have Grey Waste Hailitage, their claim has valid grounding as the entire landscape quickly shifted from barely hospitable to incapable of hosting agriculture. It wasn't long before The Black Crown began to near an end to their royal food stores, albeit much longer after the common folk’s had depleted. Harmon Vitriol, Black Crown Apothecary was tasked with finding an alternative to keep bellies full. As the soils of The Wastes were sapped of nutrients, a new crop would require a new source of sustenance. As war raged around them, the only resource not in short supply was mortal remains.   With vast array of oozes and goos, boozes and transfusions, Harmon’s hands went to work as his mad mind counted on its braintips every potion mixer that rhymed a little too much for his liking. He knew that the only thing in his collection that fed on bone and bone matter was his close friend Hebeloma Aminophilum. While this was its professional title, he tended to call it ‘ghoul fungus’ because they were of course as aforementioned, close friends. An affinity for calcium was all good and well in terms of having something that would grow and could be farmed but what if he could make it propagate itself for the masses? The farmers would never have to lift a finger! He would be beloved by the commoners as they would have so much more time on their hands to do what commoners do. He stopped so quickly mid turn that his eyes rolled within his skull. He spared the briefest of moments to consider what commoners would do if given spare time. "Huh. Lick rocks probably" was mentioned out loud to no one in particular before rushing back into his project.   The next step would be a little bit tricky and sticky even for the cleverest of minds. He would need a carrier, another fungus friend who could act with better spore carrying ability than Ghoul Fungus. It hit him like a brick of tonnes, the perfect pal for his other pal. Pal pals. Grasping the finest sample of cordyceps he owned, he cradled it in his hands knowing it and he's tenuous relationship. The Cordyceps brain, the big floating organ from beyond the veil whispers lies. It told his brother such lies and tore their family apart. The past is the past however and the most important thing right now was to make mushrooms have the sexings.  

A Glowing Foe

What was birthed that day is beyond anything that should live in the mortal realms. More fit to be a weapon than a food source, it exists unintelligent, an entity of mass consumption and obliteration. Cataloged as Hydroxypatite Ascomycota, most colloquially call it Osseus Moon and none call it a friend.   The cap on this specimen grows as a large crystalline dish upturned at its edges to protect the acidic sporangia below. The calcium crystals are much more transparent than in most other occurrences throughout nature allowing its form to refract light within its cap and illuminate the surrounding trees on a moonlit night.   Found grafted to the spines and skulls of unfortunate animals, some records state caps reaching sixty centimeters in diameter on large beasts such as forest bears. This parasitic relationship between fungus and beast is ravenous as the beast continually hunts while its bones are sapped of nutrients. During this period the beast enters a frenzy that can last weeks where it will scrounge the forests for discarded bones or take some currently in use. These are consumed so as to sate its host and spare its own calcium for a few minutes longer. Once all useful skeletal matter is depleted in the host, the beast naturally perishes and the mushroom withers and fragments.   Now littering the ground, shards still remain luminescent in the moonlight and retain enough life to find a new host on contact for days. While many beasts kneel down to sniff the fragrant bright thing, unwary travelers have made the same mistake, many unable to make it to medical care in time. As acidic sporangia bursts on contact, the volatile compound burrows through armor and flesh alike allowing the spores to latch onto exposed skeleton for the cycle to repeat.  

Ominous Forests

Almost all Myeloid Flows within The Grey Wastes are littered with these introduced monstrosities and as they are able to seemingly feed endlessly on the bone marrow like streams, they can reach gigantic proportions. One could fit easily beneath the shelter of the caps if not for the hazardous environment that they present. This has made Myeloid Rivers and Streams  no longer harvestable for its nutrient rich flow as the taint of Osseus Moon spores infects all of the few myeloid rivers documented by The Black Crown. These bone mushroom forests can span for hundreds of meters along the bank of a Myeloid Flow. Research is near impossible on this reasonably new phenomena and many suspect that some species are beginning to adapt and exist within this mortal made biome.

Osseus Moon

Entry - 200108   Habitat - In The Grey Waste upon creatures in swamps, calcium rich forests and abundantly found adjacent to Myeloid Flows.   Binomial Name -  Hydroxypatite Ascomycota
Cap- Edges upturned, an uneven bowl of calcium crystals similar in appearance to semi-opaque calcite.   Spores - Contained within softly glowing translucent sporangea sacks. Most Osseus Moon grow between five to nine depending on host.   Stipe - at around three to five inches thick, these are usually shorter than the height of the cap.   Volva - Bort grade crystals form at the join from stem and host where calcium attempts to repair any break in union.  
  Edibility - Fatal when raw. Few possess the talents required to prepare it for consumption. Makes a salty, marrow rich bone/mushroom both, a high delicacy


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
28 Mar, 2021 09:28

Great article! Mushroom feeding on bones is such a cool idea! And I love the name "Hydroxypatite Ascomycota" XD   Some suggestions I have for you:   Heave you seen how to use tooltips yet? With [ tooltip: the text appearing when hovering]the text appearing directly [/ tooltip ] (without the spaces in between). I would use them to explain what Fragmenterra and Hailitage are in your first paragraph (and the other words you have in bold later). You can also add a short summary of your articles so that it appears as a mouse-hover snippet without people having to click on the article (for the Grey Waste for example).   You skip into narration while you are writing the story of Harmon. You can use a quote for that to make it clearer that it's narration using [ quote ] your quote|attribution [ / quote ] (without the spaces in between). This will also break up the text with a quote and make your article easier to read.   I'm not sure what you mean here: "as his mad mind counted on its braintips every potion mixer". Is braintips also a specific term in your world? You can use a tooltip to define it then!   Why do Harmon call the fungus is close friend? I think we need a short context here – though not everyone does that when writing quotes. Maybe after the quote, you can give one sentence summary of what happened?   I love the story of the fungus creation :D I think you can add a short conclusion at the end of the article, saying how people reacted to the creation of the fungus and the fact they are so dangerous and have spread everywhere. Did the people starve in the end?

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27 Apr, 2021 09:55

Thank you so much for the praise and even more the constructive criticism. I am eager to implement many of these edits, I would love for you to take a gander over it once again in future post edits.

27 Apr, 2021 12:45

Also, I must rewrite the braintips sentence, I agree that it could certainly read better! With Harmon's mind a little more mad than most, I have tried to write common things differently just to have readers thinking strangely like him. Rather than counting on his fingertips, he is simply counting in his mind.   He is counting on his cranial nerve endings or 'brain tips' if you will :)

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
27 Apr, 2021 17:49

I'm glad that my comment was useful :D IF you answer this comment again once you're done editing, I'll get a notification and I'll come have a look again :D

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28 Mar, 2021 13:02

Ooo, very creepy. I like the fact the spores burrow down to the skeleton to latch on. D: I also really like that they *can* be edible. :D   (The text in the comment box is really hard to see, by the way. Unrelated to the article, it is difficult to type a comment.)

27 Apr, 2021 09:59

Thank you! I have a friend who has done many years in mycology and was eager to help with the science side once I mentioned the idea to him.   I am finding the same with the comment section right now haha! Thia is one of the default CSS themes but I am eager to create my own ince I get more ofay with it. I'll keep am eye on how the comment section performs.

28 Mar, 2021 15:50

Nice concept! It seems like a very creepy plant especially with the latching on the skeleton. The origin stroy was also a nice addition. The sentences themselves seem a little bit odd to me though. There are some I don't fully understand what the intended meaning was, so perhaps you could rework them a bit. ;)

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27 Apr, 2021 10:01

The text reads a little mad as he is quite mad but I am seeing a consensus that it needs clearing up as us normal mortals aren't quite on his brain frequency :) I'll make sure it is done and fingerw crossed it reads much better!

28 Mar, 2021 16:37

This is an interesting fungus. I like your sidebar and your unique headers. I like your Glowing Foe and Ominous Forest sections.   I agree it would help to break up the text a little more by separating out he prose from the informative sections, either through the use of the quote tag or line breaks, the aloud box, [ aloud ] (no spaces) or some other means. Text boxes like that can add a ton of visual interest and direct the reader's attention.   Additionally, for your Grey Wastes article, if you go to edit that article, go to the Design tab, then enter a brief 1-2 sentence summary of the Grey Wastes, then that will show up here when the reader mouses over the link. If you have a map of the wastes or of this mushroom's habitat, you can embed that for more visual interest as well.   A quote or two from in-world characters revealing their reaction to this monstrous fungus would be interesting. Furthermore, in your last section, why is research nearly impossible? Are people afraid of being contaminated/infected by the spores? How do they make the broth if they cannot go into the forest?

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27 Apr, 2021 12:36

Oh I love me some juicy design criticism! That will help immensely as I get my hands and mind around the power of Worldanvil! I even had a quote from an unfortunate adventurer that is missing from the final submission, that is frustrating! Thanks for spotting it, it'll make its return :).   Yes, research is nearly impossible due to the hazardous and infectious nature of the spores from the bone forests. The Osseus Moon samples that grow on beasts and mortals are however cannot reach this size and potency and as such are much smaller and can be researched/harvested with appropriate measures in place to control the much lower risk than that of Meloid River fedOsseus Moon.   Thanks for helping me expand on that. I shall update the article to reflect on my next edit day :)

17 Apr, 2021 13:01

What hath science wrought?! Yeah I'd definitely not call this a friend. Except anyone using it to get rid of people...

27 Apr, 2021 10:05

Love the comment!!   Thanks for the view friend!