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Important events

Old Era

... 0 Old era

  • -40000 OE

    The Fall of the titans and creation of humanity
    Disaster / Destruction

    now yuo see...

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  • -38500 OE

    The giant civilization falls

  • -11120 OE

    -9120 OE

    The Tunguskan Civilization

    The Tunguskan civilization existed in this time period, making it the oldest human civilization.

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  • -200 OE

    The Shorian Empire is founded
    Era beginning/end

New Era

0 Old era and beyond

  • 310 NE

    Gunpowder is discovered
    Technological achievement

    Gunpowder is discovered, guns start being made.

  • 400 NE

    The Shorian Empire falls
    Era beginning/end

  • 410 NE

    The Merindian empire is founded

    Emperor Wulfrum founded the Merindian empire by uniting the tribes of the great peninsula into one state.

  • 430 NE

    Regius is founded

    The kingdoms that rebelled and defeated the Shorian Empire in the Regian Mountains are united into what is now Regius.

  • 690 NE

    Strong lifting gas is invented

    An extremely light lifting gas is created in Drakka in the year 690. This gas can lift 15x as much as hydrogen and is far less reactive, making it super useful for making airships.

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  • 725 NE

    The Invention of the combustion engine
    Technological achievement

    The combustion engine was invented, being more efficient than steam engines they could be used to power a larger variety of vehicles and more easily.

  • 730 NE

    Durnium is discovered
    Technological achievement

    Durnium is discovered by a Shorian metallurgist.

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  • 790 NE

    800 NE

    Joseph Drake's journey to the outlands

  • 890 NE

    The World war happens
    Military action

    Tensions between the Regian and peninsula empires reach a boiling point and the world is plunged into the bloodiest war ever seen.