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woolly rhino

Woolly rhinos are large hairy rhinos from the northern hemisphere.  


The first woolly rhinos were descended from the cloud rhinos in the Regian mountains that had started leaving the mountain and going to other environments. These cloud rhinos evolved into the woolly rhinos we see today.  


Woolly rhinos resemble hairy versions of the hairless rhinos that exist in warm environments, but with some differences being their higher humped backs, longer horns, slightly larger size, and thick coat of fur.  

Relationship with Humans

Woolly rhinos are very aggressive and easily angered. They frequently charge at humans and can be extremely dangerous, and are responsible for numerous deaths due to their large geographical distribution and large population. They are more intelligent that their southern cousins however, and thus are able to be tamed. Tamed woolly rhinos are uncommon, but make excellent mounts as they can run fast and carry huge amounts of weight. Woolly rhinos were also used in war sometimes in the past, using their huge horns to destroy enemy infantry formations and instill terror in the enemy. Taming of woolly rhinos has been happening since the the stone age, and saw it's greatest extent in the Tunguskan Civilization and the Volundric empire, but still happens today, most commonly in Merindia.  

Geographical range/habitat

Woolly rhinos have a large geographical range, existing all across Sundra, as far north as southern Arctus and as far south as Mora. Woolly rhinos can live in forests, steppes, hills, and tundras. The woolly rhino's northern range ends in the forests of Arctus, where north of that lives the arctic rhino.
Average Height
6.6 feet (2 meters)
Average Length
12.5 feet (3.8 meters)

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