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Ungala is a series of large islands in the first layer of the Outlands which is ruled by the Merindian Empire.  


Ungala is a series of warm and rainy tropical islands. Ungala is dominated by a great canopy made up of vast twisting big-leaved trees, and many parts of the coastline are dominated by towering mangrove trees, and other parts of Ungala have pristine sandy beaches and clear blue waters.  


Ungala was colonized by Regius and the Merindian Empire in the year 815, the two empires ruled it for a long time until 874 when the two empires went to war in the Outlands. The Merindian Empire won the war and captures all of Ungala and has ruled it ever since. There are still remains of downed airships and airplanes, which have been consumed by trees and plants, a remnant of great battles in the past.  

Development and Infrastructure

The Merindian empire and Regius both had began creating infrastructure and settlements on Ungala, although the Merindian Empire developed their lands in Ungala far more than Regius did. The Merindian empire has created roads and railroads that provide travel all across Ungala. They have also created airstrips and extremely tall airship docking towers that rise above the great canopy of trees that dominates ungala. The center of Merindia's power in Ungala is Rain Shelter, a city founded from 3 crashed airships.

Fauna & Flora

The Ungala islands are home to a mix of Dinosaurs and mammals. On the ungala islands there are pterosaurs of various sizes, tigers, elephants, rhinos, Shovel Tuskers, utahraptors, Ronok, baryonyx, Giants Snakes, giant lizards, jaguars, gorillas, chimpanzees, sloths, countless tropical birds, pterosaurs, warthogs, and hairless Runoth.   In the mangroves and coastlines surrounding there are many large creatures such as the deadly spinosaurus. There are also several species of lobe-finned fish, some of which can 16 feet (5 meters) long. There are also massive species of sea turtles, huge crocodiles, numerous species of huge, big toothed fish, and dozens of marine reptile species.   The oceans surrounding Ungala are extremely rich in sea life. Surrounding Ungala is a wide and relatively shallow flat plate of land which is surrounded by a cliff leading to the abyss. On this large shelf there is a huge number of thriving coral reefs that are incredibly abundant in all types of sea life. The reefs are very rich in large sea life too. Among the reefs there are massive crabs, dozens of species of ammonites, some of which can be up to 12 feet (3.65 meters) in diameter, dozens of species of sharks, and dozens of species of marine reptiles.

Natural Resources

Ungala has several sources of wealth. The largest source of wealth is fishing. The seas around Ungala are extremely plentiful and provide sea food for most of the Merindian Empire. The other large industries are logging and mining.
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