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Thrand airship factory

Thrand airship factory is an immense factory which mass produced airships for the Merindian Empire which is located in the city of Thrand.   The factory is an enormous structure, it is the largest building in the Merindian Empire, and one of the largest in the entire world. It is so large that it can build multiple large Airships at once. It produces airships extremely quickly because it has a network of railroads connecting to it, these railroads connect to other smaller factories across Merindia that produce specific airship parts, and are transported to the Thrand factory to be pieced together into a complete airship. The Thrand airship factory can produce Airships at a far greater rate than any other facility in the world, which helps the Merindian Empire maintain the strongest air force in the world.


The architecture of the factory is standard Merindian architecture but on a massive scale. Huge metal beams and arches make up the walls, with giant stone blocks between the metal pillars. Much of the walls are made up of massive windows, which can be up to 60 feet high.

Parent Location
Owning Organization
Merindian Empire

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