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the universe

The entire universe is an unimaginably vast and strange place. Panthea, in all of it's 250 billion square kilometers, is just a single island in a vast ocean of other islands.  

The Shape of the Universe

The universe, like it's planets, is also a flat shape. Covering it is a vast primordial ocean of unimaginable depth. Rising above this ocean are numerous worlds, and Panthea is one of these worlds. These worlds are like large table-shaped islands. They have immense cliffs rising far above the primordial ocean, and on top of these cliffs is the flat top of the world which is covered in the mountains, oceans, continents, and islands. The exact number of other worlds in the universe is unknown, except for a few that have only extremely vague information on them. These other worlds can range from a roughly estimated 30 billion square km to 400 billion square km, while they range greatly in size, all planets are undeniably vast.   Above the worlds and the primordial ocean dividing them is the sky. The sky is indescribably vast, and extends seemingly forever upwards. This atmosphere is completely filled with breathable air, although it can become extremely cold. The nature of the stars, moons, sky lights, aurora borealis, the distant round planets in the sky, meteorites, and the sun are very poorly understood.  

The Primordial Ocean

The primordial ocean is the ocean between each world. It is extremely vast, and the distance between each world is far greater than the distance across any world. The primordial ocean was first detected directly when the first ever explorer reached the edge of Panthea in the year 875. The great crashing of the primordial ocean's waves against the cliffs at the edge of the world. These cliffs are tens of thousands of kms tall, and the explorer reported being able to clearly see the highest tips of the waves with the naked eye, but being unable to see the base of the waves. The explorer also reported hearing a powerful and distant roaring noise, and he even claimed to have directly observed the body of an unimaginably vast sea animal. The animal was reported to resemble an immense godlike sea-serpent, and it is believed that the largest animals ever live in the primordial ocean.  

The Other Worlds

There are estimated to be dozens or even hundreds of other worlds in the primordial ocean. Only a few of these worlds are known about, and knowledge on these worlds is extremely vague. The small amounts of information on these worlds were found in titan cities, or from the extremely rare and mysterious artifacts found from these worlds.   From what is understood, the titans have been to the other worlds and have had a presence there from around 20,000,000 years ago to 900,000 years ago. They were pushed off by some very powerful native force, but their ruins are still there. There are also known to be tunnels containing high speed trains that lead to the other world, but there has not been any information found on where they are.   The first known world is Hollos, a neighbouring world that is 30% smaller then Panthea, and around 1,500,000 kms away. This world is much different than Panthea, it has far more moons, and is said to have far more different intelligent species living in the same area. This world also has far more magic on it, and this magic works far differently. The world has magic storms and strange magic animals, magic geography such as floating islands, and the world is even said to have hundreds of actual gods living on it.   The second known world is Hypherion. This world is half the size of Panthea, and around 1,000,000 kms away. Hypherion is a strange world. It is a heavenly world of floating islands, flying whales, sky cities, and many other bizarre things. It is far lower down than the other worlds, it's shores on the primordial ocean are extremely low down, and the waves can even reach onto the land. Above this astronomically large coast there are massive towers of stone and cliffs that can be dozens or even hundreds of kms tall. All of Hypherion is covered in floating islands that range massively in size, and there are many exotic weather phenomenons there. There are winds that can lift mountains, solid clouds, drifting islands, sky whales and other sky animals, air elementals, and even flying cities. There are also said to be powerful wind gods and demigods living on Hypherion.   The third other world that has any substantial information on it is Valskar. Valskar 2,000,000 kms away from Panthea, and is around 20% larger. Valskar is an extremely hot and dry continent. It is extremely volcanic, and massive oceans, rivers, and lakes of liquid lava. Much of the world's surface is covered in black ash and stone, while other parts of the worlds are covered in immense sandy deserts. A lot of the world's skies are covered in thick smoky clouds, while others are clear skies but directly exposed to the world's 2 red suns. Despite how hostile this world is, there are advanced cultures on it, and large amounts of plants and animals.   There are several other unnamed worlds near Panthea. There is one world which is the same size as Panthea. This world is roughly 1,200,000 kms away from Panthea and roughly the same size. There have also been some radio transmission detected from this world. There is also another slightly smaller world 2,000,000 kms away, and another larger one 1,800,000 kms away.

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