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Skyspan class airship

Skyspan class airships are huge drakkeon airships and are the largest passenger/cargo airships in Merindian Empire, and the whole world. They are a massive 1,270 feet (387.096 meters) long. Their huge size allows it to carry 1,100 passengers in luxury and comfort.  

Design and Development

The Skyspan class was designed as a new form of mass transport for the Merindian Empire. It was made to be faster, more comfortable, and much larger than all the other passenger airships. The first Skyspan class airship was designed in 864. The first skyspan class airship was completed in 869. The Skyspan classes are 1,270 feet (387.096 meters) long, making them by far the largest passenger airships ever constructed.  

Passenger Cabin

Their cabins are built into the greater structure of the airship. The cabins have 3 decks, all of which have large rows of downwards facing windows, giving them an impressive outward appearance. They can carry a maximum of 1,100 passengers in luxury and comfort. In the ship's 3 spacious passenger decks all 1,100 passengers have access to comfortable cabins, wide, downwards facing windows, a movie theater, a pool, a gym, saunas, several on board restaurants, observation rooms, and many lounges and games rooms. On the top of the airship there is a long thin room at the top. This room is made for sun bathing and sky watching, and has a huge glass ceiling.  

Other Rooms

Along the keel of the ship there are the crew areas, as well as rooms for other purposes. There are the crew quarters and messes, the mail room, an electrical room, a radio room, an armoury, many large cargo holds, and even a hangar that can carry 3 airplanes that are used to carry mail and for scouting. On the top of the airship there are 2 rooms which are used to house anti-air autocannons which are used to battle pirates.  


The Skyspan Class airships have 22 huge steel rings, held together by sturdy steel girders. This structure holds within it 18 drakkeon gas cells that can carry the ship's heavy structure and huge passenger cabin. The envelope of the Skyspan classes are made out of durnium. This overall strong structure makes the airship very sturdy, and very resistant to weather.  


The Skyspan classes are powered by 8 powerful engines that push the ship forwards at a maximum 170 km/h. These engines are able to swivel up and down, allowing the Skyspan classes to take off and land vertically.  


The Skyspan Classes are all armed with weaponry to defend against pirate attacks. They have 8 anti-air cannons on the top of the ship housed in two rooms, as well as 14 powerful machine guns housed in the bottom of the ship, in the control can and in a long back gondola made to house the guns. While this might not seem necessary, these weapon systems are crucial in warding off pirate attacks, as pirates have made travel in the outlands very difficult in the past.  

Operation History

The Skyspan class airships have had a very successful operational history. 11 Skyspan class airships are currently in service, and none have had any crashes or fatal accidents. The Skyspans, due to their size and accommodations, are extremely popular, and they have safely and comfortably carried passengers on almost 2,000 flights.

Merindian Empire
Owning Organization
Merindian Empire

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