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Shenrian Empire

The Shenrian empire is a massive empire from Elendrum, in the east of Panthea. The Shenrian empire has the largest population in the world, at 550 million people, they also have the largest capital city, with a population of 11,000,000 people. Even in ancient times their capital was massive, in -100 it's capital had well over 2,500,000 people, larger than any city at the time.  

International Relations

The Shenrian Empire is part of the Free Nations Alliance. The Shenrian Empire is the second strongest country in the alliance after Regius. The Shenrian empire joined the alliance in fear of an invasion from the New Shorian Empire and because their enemy, the Amalan Confederacy had joined the Imperial Coalition, the enemy of the Free Nations Alliance and didn't want to be overwhelmed by several powerful empire's at once.   The Shenrian Empire's role in the Free Nations Alliance is a supplier of manpower. While the Shenrian Empire is relatively weak in terms of industrial output, they somewhat make up for it with their enormous population of 514 million people as of 880. If the Shenrian Empire were to be able to knock out the Amalan Confederacy early on in a possible future world war, they would be able to supply their allies in the west with soldiers while being protected by the great fortress that is Regius.  


The Shenrian Empire is home of Shenriism, a light worshipping religion. A majority of the Shenrian population follows Shenriism and many head out as missionaries to try to spread the religion.


The Shenrian empire is one of the oldest nations in the world, it is 1380 years old, being founded in -500. Ancient Elendrum was a disorganized land, mostly populated by small kingdoms. One particular kingdom was in a very geographically important location, and it had developed a highly organized and large army. This city state started conquering all of the other kingdoms and formed the Shenrian empire. The Shenrian empire also had Shenriism, a monotheistic religion that they had adopted and used to help spread their power, to great effect. The Shenrian empire had dominated elendrum for 400 years until the Shorian Empire came. The Shenrian empire had only known military success up until that point and when the Shorian empire demanded that they give up their northern holdings they quickly marched off to war against the Shorian Empire, confident they would win. When the Shenrian forces finally met the Shorian army, the Shenrian army was slaughtered in a series of humiliating defeats and forced to surrender the northern 1/3 of their empire. The Shenrian empire recovered from this defeat and spread out east and south.   In the year 390 the Shorian Empire was falling, and the Shengrian empire took this opportunity and retook their northern lands, they even went further and conquered land as far north as the arctic and the coast of the arctic ocean, which they had never ruled before.   In the year 610 the outlands were discovered, and several decades later the Shenrian empire started founding colonies in the The Outlands, their colonial effort is facing less competition from Midland nations like how the Merindian Empire and Regius, are always competing over it, but the Shenrian empire has faced heavier resistance from native of the The Outlands.

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Official State Religion
Controlled Territories

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