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Sabertooths are large carnivorous felines native to much of northern Sundra and all of Meru.  


Sabertooths are massive felines, they have an average shoulder height of 5.2 feet (1.6 meters), making them the second largest cat, only surpassed in size by bloodfangs. Sabertooths are large felines, they have more muscular frontal bodies than other big cats and they also have thicker fur around their necks and a mane of tall fur on their upper backs. Sabertooths have orange/brown fur with which is whiter underneath the animal. Sabertooths also have spots similar to a leopard, although they appear larger and more faded. The most notable feature of the sabertooths and how they got their name is their two huge canine teeth that are so large that they extend far out of the mouth. These teeth allow sabertooths to quickly kill large prey that other animals of a similar size wouldn't be able to.  


Sabertooths hunt alone and live in large territories that they fiercely defend from other sabertooths. Sabertooths generally will ambush their prey and will quickly kill them with their massive canines by piercing through the throat. Sabertooths are very large and muscular and can kill large prey more easily than other predators their size and commonly prey on woolly rhinos, young mammoths, megaloceros, cervalces, elk, moose, aurochs, bison, latifrons, horses, arctopithecus, and reindeer. Sabertooths will often clash with other animals over prey. Sabertooths often end up fighting atrox, cave bears, dire wolves, and cave lions. Sabertooths however will give up their kill if they are faced by a dire bear or a worok. Sabertooths will also sometimes attempt to kill hallon by pouncing on them when they are eating and killing them by biting their necks. These hunts only succeed half of the time, with the other half of the hunts ending in the hallon flying away and dropping the sabertooth to it's death.  

Range and Habitat

Sabertooths can live in temperate to very cold environments and can thrive in forested/mountainous and open environments. Sabertooths can be found in Merindia, Borea, Arctus, Meru, Mora, the Regian Mountains, Shigir, and Elendrum.

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