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Panagon War

The Panagon War was a massive war that took place on Panagon between 870 and 874.  


The Panagon War was inevitable. Harellia was formed with the primary purpose of defeating the Merindian Empire through war, and Merindia would never give up their colonies to Harellia. After decades of preparation, Harellia was completely willing to fight over the fate of Panagon.  


The Panagon War began in 870 with a surprise attack by Harellia on Merindian Empire military bases, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths and the loss of dozens of tanks and planes, and even several airships. After this assault war was formally declared and was followed up by Harellia immediately invading the Merindian Empire's Panagon colonial lands. They pushed the Merindians back for half a year, and while the Merindians put up some resistance, they were being defeated, and Merindia's main army was far away.   The Merindian empire then began sending in soldiers from all across the outlands and scrounged up a desperate defence, and they were able to slow Harellia's advance. 1 month later the Merindian main army finally arrived and were finally able to halt Harellia's advance during a series of successful battles. A temporary stalemate formed that lasted until the end of the first year of the war, which consisted of both sides assaulting enemy lines.   This stalemate was broken when the Merindian Empire began Operation Arius, a massive offensive which would let the Merindian Empire finally go on the offensive and defeat Harellia. This offensive was started with the Merindians invading with 30 airships, 1,700,000 men, 1,500 tanks, 8,000 tanks, and 34 submarines.   This offensive began early 872 with the Merindian Empire destroying Harellia's front lines and pushing them back with an aggressive assault which combined infantry, tanks, bombing from planes and airships, and aerial bombardment from airships.   This advance would be fast at first, but it slowed after the armies were stuck in the Red Desert, and the only ways across the desert were controlled by Harellia with armoured trains. these trains, while doing a lot of damage to the Merindian armies were eventually destroyed and the Merindians continued a slow advance through the desert. The Merindian army was forced to frequently battle with Harellians, who assaulted them with desert tanks and mass ambush. While airships were frequently used to transport supplies, troops, and vehicles over the desert, they could not move everyone and they were also forced to battle with Harellian airships and planes, making transporting thousands of troops risky.   The armoured trains were captured/destroyed, and the war in the air began to turn to the Merindian Empire's favour, and they were able to transport troops more safely through the air and across rails, and once they crossed the Red Desert they would have to fight far away from home in the Harellian homeland, which would not be an easy task.   After the Merindian army was reinforced they crossed the Red Desert , and entered the Harellian homeland in late 872. There they faced even greater violence than ever before, they found that all Merindian prisoners of war were being executed, as well as everyone who was opposed to the war. Harellia was also committing more of their industry and population to the war, and they prepared a new offensive to push the Merindian army out of their homeland.   1 month after the Merindian army had entered the Harellian homeland, the Harellians launched their final offensive. They pushed the Merindians back with new advanced tactics, and stronger airships, planes, and tanks, as well as hundreds of thousands of new soldiers. The Merindians had secretly built a long defensive line, and fell back to it, leaving thousands upon thousands of landmines and traps behind them. The Harellians were intentionally being drawn out, although they had no idea this was happening at the time. They rushed out to face the Merindians in their new defensive line, and while several bloody battles would occur along this line, the Merindian Empire prevailed and held the line, causing huge losses for Harellia. After Harellia's forces were spread thin and much of their men killed and their weapons captured/destroyed, the Merindians took their opportunity to advance on Harellia's capital: Aggurrak.   The last half of 873 was spent with Harellia going on the defensive and becoming ever more desperate as their resources and manpower dwindled, and the Merindian Empire pushed further and further to their capital. While they put up a strong defense for what they still had, Harellia was losing and it's government knew it, although they refused to surrender to the Merindians. After months of bloody fighting the final battle would be had around Harellia's capital of Aggurrak.   The Battle of Aggurrak began near the end of 873 with all of the Merindian army and Harellia's remaining forces clashing. Dozens of huge airships and thousands of different planes clashed in the skies above Aggurrak, and over 1,000,000 men fought outside the walls of the city, with thousands of tanks and other armoured vehicles being destroyed. Fighting would continue for 1 month outside the walls until the Merindians finally broke into the city, and fighting in the urban environment would continue for 2 months and into early 874. It would finally end in a hard fought Merindian victory, and the defeat of Harellia.  


The Panagon War was a huge and costly war. It lead to millions and millions of deaths, and was a major drain to the Merindian Empire, and Harellia was completely drained of resources. A treaty was signed between the Merindian Empire and Harellia after the end of the war. This treaty ceded large tracts of land in the Red Desert to the Merindian Empire, Harellia's military strength became severely restricted, and they were forced to pay huge war reparations to the Merindian Empire. Due to all of this, Harellia joined the Free Nations Alliance to help recover from the war, and to continue opposing the Merindian Empire.   Harellia has recently rebuilt their destroyed structures and economy, and their industry was restored, due to the assistance from the Free Nations Alliance.

The Conflict


Territorial gain by the Merindian Empire, territorial loss by Harellia, large war reparations by Harellia.


Harellia being severely weakened, but joining the Free Nations Alliance.
Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date


Merindian Empire

Led by



3,000,000 soldiers, 40 airships, 2,000 tanks, 10,000 planes, 40 submarines.
4,500,000 soldiers, 10,000 tanks, 25 airships, 5 battleships, 10,000 planes, 6 armoured trains, and 45 destroyers.


820,000 soldiers


Defeat Harellia and defend their colonial lands in Panagon.
Push the Merindian Empire off of Panagon.

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