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The Outlands is the name for the rest of the world beyond the southern continents that surround the midlands. The Outlands is a dream for any adventurer or explorer, it stretched on forever and is home to an endless undiscovered number of beauty and wonder, untold numbers of new civilizations, animals and wonders of nature are in the Outlands waiting to be discovered.   The Outlands is composed of countless layers, each containing many continents, ocean, islands, and civilizations. These layers are divided by rings of continents similar to the The Southern Continents. The width of each layer of the outlands is the same as the distance between the north and south poles, and in the middle of each layer has a warm equator, and the rings surrounding the layer of the outlands are both very cold. Regius and the Merindian Empire both have set up colonies in the outlands, and compete aggressively for the resources and wealth there.   The Midlands are in the center ring of Panthea, and the continents making up the edges of this center ring are the The Southern Continents, anywhere outside of there is the Outlands.  


  • Map of The known world
    As you can see the world is divided into ring like shapes, with the Midlands being in the middle. The rings divided the layers of the world are made up of tall frozen mountains. Between the rings of mountain there are warmer, and home to many civilizations.   The area shown on this map is roughly 14,400,000,000 square km.
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