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Ocean Animals

The Oceans of the world are home to many mighty and dangerous creatures, like the Hammerhead Whale and the Mammoth Seal, although far larger creatures exist, known as leviathans.  


Leviathans are any gigantic sea monster that is bigger than a blue whale. Leviathans come in many different shapes and sizes, like Great Whales, Emperor Whales, Krakens, Sea Dragons, Dire Whales, Sea Serpents, and the massive Thalasssus.   Leviathans have terrorized seafarers for thousands of years, often mistaking ships for prey and destroying them. Most leviathans were first recorded and named by the ancient Norse, but some deep-sea leviathans were never encountered by them and have only been discovered recently.   There are many more creatures that aren't leviathans, all sea creatures with articles about them are here.   Such large animals are able to eat because of the way Panthea's ocean ecosystem works. The smallest animal that is at the bottom of the food chain is plankton that feeds off of sunlight except this plankton can grow way faster and absorb more energy from sunlight than real life plankton, and come in much higher numbers. There is also a type of krill that is extremely large compared to any other type of krill, and to be able to eat these effectively filter feeders ended up growing gigantic, and in turn, the animals that fed on them also grew immense too. There is also a large number of giant sea-dwelling herbivores that feed off of the huge and plentiful ocean flora that exists, these herbivores help further support a population of giant predators.

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