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N1 airship

The N1 airship was the first ever airship to use drakkeon as a lifting gas. While not the first ever airship, as hydrogen airship had been used by the Shorian Empire hunderds of years earlier, the N1 airship provided a crucial basis for further airship development.  


The N1 airship was designed in Drakka shortly after drakkeon was discovered in the year 550, and the N1 airship was completed in 551. The N1 was designed to carry passengers, and was used for short flights over cities in Drakka.  


The N1 airship was 340 feet long (103.6 meters) long, and it's balloon was primarily constructed out of strong fabrics. There was a rigid wooden keel on the underside of the ship, and below this was the gondola. The gondola was large and constructed primarily out of wood, and hung below the balloon, being connected by several vertical tubes, as well as large numbers of ropes that wrapped around the top of the ship's balloon.   The gondola featured 10 cabins housing a total of 20 people, as well as a dining/lounge area, and 2 bathrooms. The control car was built into the front of the gondola, and it featured wide windows that gave a good view.   The airship had a series of several fins in the back to control it's elevation and steering, and it was powered by 2 steam engines that powered it's propellers, which were stationed on the back of the gondola.  

Operational History

The N1 airship was very successful. While airship previously had been used only as scouting vessels which were manned only by 2-8 people, these airships were used to fly passengers around in unprecedented comfort. While it's cabin was not pressurized and the sources of warmth were gas powered heaters, it was still considered a luxury to fly in and brought mass popularity and success to the new drakkeon airships.   It's first flight was in early 551, and it ran dozens of flights throughout the year, until it was replaced with the N2 airship in 553.

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