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"Midlands" is the term used for anywhere inside the ring made up of the Southern Continents. Because the center of the map is considered north, anywhere north of the Southern Continents is considered the Midlands, while anything beyond the Southern Continents, or south of them is considered the Outlands.   The midlands is where most of the most advanced nations on Panthea come from, like the Merindian Empire, Regius, the New Shorian Empire (NSE), and Drakka.  
Map of the midlands.  
map of geographical regions, islands, seas, and oceans.  
Political map of the Midlands.


The Midlands has several continents in it, those being Sundra, Meru, and Lenuria. There are also the The Southern Continents at the edges of the midlands.

Fauna & Flora

The Midlands are almost entirely populated by Humans, with the only other races in the midlands being the Giants, who live only in Arctus and northern Shigir. Both races are descended from the The Titans.   Desipite having large nations of hundreds of millions of people, the midlands is still dominated by nature, roughly 90% of the land in the midlands is undeveloped wilderness, which are home to many different species. The animals of the world also have an unusual resistance to extinction, heavily hunted animals such as like wolves, Worgs, rhinos, bears, and Mammoths have all seen only small decreases in their numbers and range throughout history. Even in 880, the modern day, predatory animals still are a threat to anyone traveling alone out in the wilderness. Despite fossil fuels being used commonly there has been no climate change ever recorded.   The Midlands are home many massive Land animals, many of the animals in my world are the same as the extinct pleistocene megafauna in the real world, except in my world they still exist and thrive. Other large creatures exist that have no equivalent to any real animal, like the Worgs, Runoth, Silon or Rocs.

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