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Meganthropus is a mysterious archaic human species native to the islands south of Tamal and the deep jungles of Tamal.  


Meganthropus resembles a mixture between a man and an ape, they have long muscular arms, massively built jutting chinless jaws, heavy brow ridges, and a small cranium. Meganthropus also have very muscular robust bodies, they have brown skin and are also very hairy. The most notable feature of Meganthropus however are their massive size. Meganthropus stand at between 8-9 feet (2.44-2.74 meters) tall. Meganthropus can be seen wearing cloths, all meganthropus have been seen wearing simple loincloths, and many wear things such as animal pelts on their chests and backs, and clothing items made out of animal bones.  


Meganthropus display a level of intelligence lower than a man, but much higher than an animal. Meganthropus are able to control fire and craft simple cloths and stone tools. Meganthropus intelligence is so low because their small skulls cannot hold a large brain. Meganthropus seem to have formed themselves into several small tribes that control various areas of the jungles they inhabit. These tribes seem to be simple hunter-gatherers, and have a chieftain, and the males will go hunting and the females will deal with babies and forage for food. Meganthropus seem to highly value items created by modern humans such as metal tools or weapons, and meganthropus have been seen fighting over such items.  


Meganthropus rely on their brute strength and size for hunting. They will mostly hurl boulders at their prey, and then move in and finish them off with a stone axe, a large piece of wood, or a large rock.  

Relationship with Modern Humans

Meganthropus appear to fear modern humans, and anyone who travels too close to their inhabited areas or tries to explore them is usually crushed to death and often eaten. This has lead to their range being avoided for thousands of years. Evidence shows that between -120,000 and -200 meganthropus once inhabited a much wider range of land, living allthroughout the jungles of Tamal. Over the course of tens of thousands of years however, they were pushed out of much of their range, and their range in now limited to the islands south of Tamal and in the deep and remote jungles of Tamal.

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