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Mammoths are large hairy beasts with long curved tusks that inhabit many cold and temperate environments. Mammoths have the same bodies as elephants, but with longer tusks, smaller ears, different shaped heads, and fur of varying thickness. Mammoths are some of the most widespread animals in the world, with them inhabiting almost all of the northern hemisphere, and with elephants inhabiting the southern hemisphere. Mammoths also have a deeper sounding trumpeting sound than elephants.  

Types of Mammoths

There are many types of mammoths, including the forest mammoths, northern plains mammoths, southern plains mammoths, arctic mammoths and steppe mammoths.  

Forest Mammoth

Forest mammoths are on average 12 feet tall (4.2 meters), and inhabit forests, they are covered in a medium layer of wool. Despite their size they can thrive in dense forests, and even on forest covered mountain slopes.  

Northern plains Mammoth

Northern plains mammoths are averaging at 16 feet tall (4.8 meters). They have thick woolly fur and live in the northern steppes.  

Southern plains Mammoths

Southern plains mammoths are medium sized compared to the other mammoth speceis, at 14 feet tall (4.2 meters), and they have a thin layer of fur covering their bodies.  

Arctic Mammoths

The arctic mammoth has the thickest layer of fur, because they live in the coldest environment. They are very large, at 25 feet tall (7.6 meters).  

Steppe mammoths

There is also the steppe mammoth, the largest species of mammoth, which is around 46 feet (14 meters) tall. steppe mammoths can be found all throughout the great steppe of Sundra, but live in far smaller numbers than other mammoths.   A close relative of the mammoth is the elephant. Elephants are slightly smaller than mammoths and lack fur. Elephants live in warm environments like jungles and deserts while mammoths live in colder ones like forests and steppes. There are also the dwarf mammoths which inhabit the small islands in the sea between Merindia and Cocar. Dwarf mammoths are roughly 4-6 feet (1.2-1.8 meters) tall, although it varies between islands.

Additional Information


Mammoths have been tamed throughout history by Ancient Merindians, the Shorian Empire, Giants, Hyberian civilization, and several other northern peoples. Elephants are used to haul heavy loads, help with construction, and as status symbols for the wealthy, much like how elephants are used. In ancient times mammoths would be used in warfare, their great size allowing them to shatter enemy infantry formations and scare away cavalry, and generally instill terror in their enemies. War mammoths were equipped with thick armour, platforms for archers, ballistas, crossbows and spear throwers on their backs, and spiked tusk armour. Some Areas of Merindia still use war mammoths today, to defend their towns. The city of Mamaluth in Merindia still has a dedicated group of military mammoths which they use to defend the city.

Average Intelligence

They are very smart animals

Conservation Status
They are very common across the north.

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