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Lenuria is a large continent in the midlands.


In the north of Lenuria there is a large arctic area, south of the arctic area is a large boreal forest, and further south is a larger desert. East of the desert there is a thin strip of fertile land by the ocean, west of the desert there is a tree covered mountain range, and further west of the mountain range there is a large mountainous temperate rainforest. South of the desert, there is a large plains area, and south/southeast/southwest of the plains there is a massive jungle. Lenuria is split into 4 large regions, north Lenuria, south Lenuria, Central Lenuria and West Lenuria. North Lenuria takes up the arctic and boreal forest regions, Central Lenuria is the desert, north half of the plains, and part of the mountains to the west, West Lenuria is the temperate rainforests and part of the mountains that seperate it from central Lenuria, and south Lenuria is the southern part of Lenuria which is covered in jungles with a part of the plains in the north.

Flora & Fauna

Lenuria is home to many unique species that are native to the continent, and many that are also found elsewhere. Some animals found on Lenuria are also found in Sundra such as wolves and hyena's while others are found exclusively on Lenuria. It is hypothesized that the species found on both continents originated on Lenuria and migrated across a sunken land-bridge millions of years ago to Sundra, although far fewer species migrated to Lenuria than out of it. Some types of animals/species that are found both on Lenuria and Sundra are wolves, hyenas, apes, modern humans, and giants.  

Predators of Lenuria

Some noteworthy predatory species on lenuria and entelodonts, wyverns, giant snakes, epicyons, hyenas, wolves, giant spiders, scorpions, and centipedes, amphicyon, tromaktus, and andrewsarchus.  

Herbivores of Lenuria

Lenuria's noteworthy herbivores are paraceratheres, glyptodonts, ground sloths, tapirs, capybaras, llamas, alpacas, imperial mammoths, uintatheres, deer, toxodons, and chalicotheres.

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