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Iron Wings

Iron wings are artificial bird wings made out of metal and magic that can allow the wearer to fly like a bird. Iron wings are used by the Vanquishers of the Merindian Empire and the valkyries of the New Shorian Empire.

Manufacturing process

Iron wings are hand crafted out of carefully cut and shaped pieces of Durnium, and attached to a harness that allows the wings to be worn. Magic crystals are put into the framework and linked together with magic links, this magic in the wings allows the them to be used as if they were a third pair of limbs, despite not being part of the users body. Iron wings take weeks to be able to get used to, because they give you a sense of Proprioception for the wings, this feeling goes away shortly after removing the wings though.

Iron wings are extremely expensive and rare, and are only used by the most important people.
Raw materials & Components
Despite being called iron wings, they are usually made out of Durnium. Iron wings function using Magic crystals. The magic crystals are what makes them so expensive because there are few who know how to use magic, and even fewer who can make the crystals used to make iron wings.

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