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Panthea is dominated by a genus of species known as humans, and the dominant species in the genus is known as modern humans, although far more commonly referred to as just humans. Modern humans make up a vast majority of the living humans in the world, although there are several archaic human species that still exist in remote places. Modern humans in Panthea are the same as anatomically modern humans in real life, although there are a few differences. A vast majority of the time all modern humans are simply referred to as humans, and archaic humans are referred to by other names, although they are still technically species of human.   Modern humans are a strong and hardy species, but their main strength comes with their intelligence. Humans are relatively small compared to many animals they coexist with, but they are able to dominate the world they live in because of their ability to modify the environment around them and craft tools and control fire. A complex spoken language is also a great factor that contributes to humanity's success, as they are able to pass on information much more effectively than other species.  


120,000 years ago, the titans fell, but it is theorized that their descendants became extremely small and significantly less intelligent. These smaller and less intelligent titan descendants then for an unknown reason left the titan cities and began living in the wilderness, where they evolved to fit their new environments. During this time humanity evolved, as well as many other species that were related to humans. True humans, like the once that dominate the world today existed at this time, and are known as modern humans, and the other human species are known as archaic humans. Modern humans originated in the plains of Mora and seemed to have evolved tall bodies that were designed for running long distances so that they could chase down their prey which inhabited wide open grasslands. Modern humans also were more intelligent and more social than other human species, and soon began to expand out of their native range and slowly started replacing the other archaic human species. This process continued for tens of thousands of years up to now, where modern humans rule the planet, and the remaining archaic human species like giants and meganthropus are isolated into relatively small ranges.  

Differences between Panthea's humans and real humans

Modern humans in Panthea differ from real humans in several ways, for example being taller on average, or possessing a wider variety of eye colours including red, purple, orange, and pink. The biggest difference however is Panthea's human's potential. Panthean humans are able to harness the power of magic through years of concentration and practice, and this can let them do great things such as live for hundreds or thousands of years, heal wounds, speak to spirits and generate and control energy in various ways.   Aside from the ability to control magic, Panthea's humans are able train their bodies to become far more powerful than real humans. A human from panthea, through great amounts of training can become far faster and stronger than a real human could ever physically achieve. Humans from Panthea are also able to acquire certain skills like being able to eat rotting meat or survive extreme heat/cold through specific training methods. Another thing that Panthea's humans can train for it their toughness, with there existing people able to shrug of gunfire and explosions with only their skin. Aside from this Panthea's humans tend to be slightly stronger and more muscular than real modern humans.   These traits are present in Panthea's modern humans, but are also present in all other intelligent human species such as giants.  

Archaic Humans

Archaic human is a term used to classify any human species that is not a modern human. Most archaic human species disappeared tens of thousands of years ago due to being replaced with modern humans, although some still exist, such as the giants that inhabit Arctus and northern Shigir, as well as meganthropus, the most primitive archaic human species that inhabits remote jungles and islands in Tamal.  

Archaic human species

Giants: giants are 12 foot (3.65 meters) tall and possess robustly built bodies and significantly different skull shape than modern humans. Giant are still alive, and can be found mostly in Arctus and northern Shigir.   Meganthropus: meganthropus are the most primitive human species, they possess 8-9 foot tall bodies that are extremely strong and muscular, and they have smaller brains than modern humans. Meganthropus inhabit the remote jungles and islands of Tamal.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
6 feet (1.8 meters)

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