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Harellia as a large democratic nation from the continent of Panagon in the outlands. Harellia was formed in 850 as a confederacy of native nations on Panagon. Their goal was to resist the Merindian Empire and work together to become stronger and eventually unite all of Panagon under native rule.   Harellia is responsible for the massive Panagon War, where they almost defeated the Merindian Empire, and plunged the western half of Panagon into chaos.   Harellia is a member of the Free Nations Alliance and joined because it is a democratic country and to oppose the Merindian Empire.  


Harellia is a democratic country and elects it's leaders. Each leader has a 5 year term and have 2 more terms if they're voted for enough.  


Harellia has a strong military focus, especially in heavy armoured warfare. Harellia's first order when it was founded was to rapidly industrialize and begin mass producing tanks, planes, guns, armour, armoured personnel carriers, and armoured trains. Harellia is known for it's very heavy tank designs, which have proven effective before, although they are weakened by the fact that they have a rather weak air force.  


Harellia is a mixture of dozens of native cultures from Panagon. There are many religions in Harellia too, but they all are held together by a mutual resistance to foreign influence.  


Harellia was founded in 850 when a traitor from the Merindian Empire spoke to several leaders of some of the remaining free native nations of Panagon and convinced them to unite into one country. The traitor then used has vast knowledge on society, industrialization, and military to help the newly made Harellia become an industrialized nation. The traitor then pushed to have the new factories focus on producing arms and vehicles, because he fully planned of going to war with the Merindian Empire and pushing them out of Panagon. Harellia continued to rapidly expand, incorporating more tribes and nations into it, and growing it's industrial capacity, military, and population very fast. This continued for 20 years until Harellia decided to start a surprise war with the Merindian Empire.   The war, known as the Panagon War began in 870. Harellian bombers attacked in mass, catching the Merindians off guard and destroying dozens of tanks, ships, and airships. This bombing run was followed up by a fast combined arms assault. The Harellians kept pushing further into Merindian land, and they seemed like an unstoppable force. This continued for about several months until the Merindian Empire was able to send in a large army. The large army arrived and reinforced the almost completely broken Merindian army stationed there and were able to stop the Harellian advance. The Harellian advance was finally halted and fighting continued for 6 months until merindian empire was finally able to go on the offensive and start forcing the Harellians back. The superior Merindian air force destroyed the Harellian air force, taking away their advantage in powerful tanks, which was a major weakening point for the Harellian army. The rest of the war consisted of Harellia defending against the Merindian Empire. The war ended with millions dead and Harellia surrendering large amounts of land in the red desert and the southlands to merindia. After the war Harellia recovered from their losses and joined the Free Nations Alliance. They joined them because it would help them oppose the Merindian Empire, which is a member of the Imperial Coalition which is an enemy of the Free Nations Alliance, and because the free nations alliance helped them rebuild after their defeat.

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