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Great Ship

Great ships were ships used by the Shorian Empire. Great ships were essentially massive long ships that were armed with powerful weapons and armour and s team powered paddle wheel in the back. They were used from the year -700 to the present day, although this article is about the great ships used by the Shorian Empire (-200 to 400).

Power Generation

Greatships were powered by Shorian Steam Engine.


They were propelled by a large paddle wheel at the back of the boat

Weapons & Armament

Great ships were armed with ballistas that could destroy enemy ships with cannonballs or burn them with Liquid Fire, great ships also had flamethrowers which could be used at a shorter distance. While very effective at a range, great ships were highly effective at ramming enemy ships, usually completely destroying them.

Armor and defense

Great ships were covered in thick steel armour that was impenetrable to their enemies.

Shorian Empire
Owning Organization
Shorian Empire
Great ships varied greatly in length, but could reach up to 600 feet in length

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