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gennungens are large carnivores native to the Southern Continents.   Gennungens are famous for their especially unique vocalization. Gennungens will make an extremely loud sound that resembles an extremely shrill and breathy human scream. This scream is very loud and travels for a very long distance and is extremely common to hear their screams echoing throughout the freezing plains of the The Southern Continents.  


Gennungens have long and sort of snake-like bodies and long tails and necks. Gennungens have long, thin crocodile-like snouts that end in a sharp V shape, and are filled with sharp teeth. Gennugnens have 4 legs that are similar to a wolf's legs and similar wolf-like feet. All of a gennungen's body is covered in thick white fur that hangs down below it's body. Gennungens are around 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall at the shoulders and 20 feet (6 meters) long.  

diet and habitat

Gennungens are pack hunters and are skilled long distance runners that inhabit the great icy tundras of the Southern Continents. Gennungens usually hunt medium sized prey like galnon. Gennungens fill a similar ecological role as wolves.

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