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Emperor Wulfrum

Emperor Wulfrum is the leader of the Merindian Empire, he created the Merindian empire in the year 410 when he united the people of Merindia against the Shorian Empire and then united them further into a single nation. Emperor Wulfrum is 508 years old, and he has ruled the empire he created for it's entire existence.   Emperor Wulfrum is an extremely intelligent and wise man, being a mystic, a shaman, a wizard, a prophet, a philosopher and most importantly a leader. He had always believed in the old gods of merindia, and always felt a stronger connection to the Ancient Merindian culture that the Shorian Empire had tried to erase. When he created the Merindian Empire he revived to ancient culture and religion of Merindia, which have become greatly influential today.   Emperor Wulfrum has always sought knowledge throughout his life, almost to the point of obsession. This relentless pursuit of knowledge coupled with his extremely potent capability of learning and his flawless memory has made him perhaps the wisest and most knowledgable man in all of Panthea. He has mastered over 100 languages and 100's of skills. He knows more about many subjects than experts in it, and he knows many things nobody else knows. He has travelled very far for knowledge. Wulfrum has travelled deep into the earth, high in the sky, into ancient ruins, and to distant lands. Wulfrum's most valuable knowledge however is his vast knowledge on magic. His magic power is only surpassed by Mithrim, the sorcerer king of Tolgod. Wulfrum has access to innumerable magic spells and abilities. His most unique ability is his control over animals. He uses this power to control a flock of ravens that he uses to fly around the world gathering knowledge for him, as he can control where they go and see through their eyes.  


Queen Stalgard III, queen of the New Shorian Empire.   Emperor Wulfrum recognizes how much Queen Stalgard III admires him, even if she tries to hide it. Wulfrum doesn't fully trust her as much as he used to after learning about her plan to conquer many nations and rebuild the glory of the old Shorian Empire. He greatly fears that this could cause a deadly world war between the two great alliances, the Imperial Coalition and the Free Nations Alliance. Queen Stalgard greatly admires Emperor Wulfrum, seeing him as her hero and inspiration.
Mithrim, leader of Tolgod.   Emperor Wulfrum respects Mithrim's great magic power, but fears his reckless use of it and his constant strange behavior. Emperor Wulfrum is one of the few people who Mithrim genuinely respects and it is obvious that he view Wulfrum far more important than everyone else. Despite this Mithrim still acts like he's better than Wulfrum, although much less so than everyone else.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Emperor Wulfrum is extremely old, so he isn't in the best physical condition. He is unable to walk without a cane and he cannot run. But his mind has only become wiser with age, never succumbing to mental illness of any sort.

Facial Features

Emperor Wulfrum has a long white beard and hair, long eyebrows and a very aged looking face.

Special abilities

Emperor Wulfrum knows many magic abilities, he can extend his life span, instantly make people and animals extremely calm, speak to animals, control animals and people, he can weaken people to the point where they can no longer stand (temporarily), he can temporarily remove magic from objects and people, he can control weather although he doesn't do it very often, walk on water, shoot deadly sonic blasts, he can temporarily paralyze people, he can walk on water, he can stop objects in mid air (including bullets), he can stop chemical reactions from happening, ect

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Emperor Wulfrum was born in the year 372 in Merindia. He had always been amazingly intelligent and wise and when he saw the Shorian Empire grip on Merindia loosened, he used his wisdom to unite the people of Merindia together and push out the Shorians from Merindia. Once the Shorians had been driven out of Merindia he began uniting all of the people of Merindia into one nation, and by the year 410 he had created the Merindian Empire, which he rules even today. Wulfrums rule over his nation has always gone smoothly, he almost always made the best decisions for the nation and he was always quick to adapt new technologies. Emperor Wulfrum set up a council of lesser leaders that can rule the empire when he's not around, and when he isn't around he's off gathering more knowledge, like when he visited the subterraneans to learn their language and copy some of their books, or when he went into the wilderness for years to strengthen his magic skills and connections with the natural world. Emperor Wulfrum had always believed that more land lied beyond the mountains at what was believed to be the edge of the world , (beyond these mountains is the The Outlands) but he couldn't send out an expedition their since his nation, Merindia didn't have vehicles that could survive the journey past them until the year 790 when Airship technology had advanced enough that somebody could explore the The Outlands using it. Emperor Wulfrum chose an airship captain named Joseph Drake to explore the outlands, and when Joseph Drake returned form his journey 10 years later in the year 800 everyone's view on the whole world changed forever. After gaining knowledge on the geography and resources of the outlands Emperor Wulfrum immediately sent settlers to found colonies in the outlands, gaining many useful resources. In the year 803 Emperor Wulfrum founded the Explorer's Guild, and further explore into the The Outlands and many other places too. Wulfrum's rule has continued to go very well up until today, in the year 880.


Emperor Wulfrum is very well educated

Accomplishments & Achievements

Creating the Merindian Empire, one of the world's strongest nations, founding the Explorer's Guild, creating the first Outlands colonies, meeting a living titan, defeating the Shorian Empire, creating public education, ect

Intellectual Characteristics

Emperor Wulfrum is one of the wisest people alive.

Personality Characteristics


His goal is to make the Merindian empire the dominant empire in the world.


Family Ties

Emperor Wulfrums family line had died long ago, leaving him with no living family, he is also unable to reproduce due to his age and physical condition

Religious Views

Emperor Wulfrum believes in the old religion of Merindia.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Emperor of Merindia, Raven king, Mystic emperor
Year of Birth
372 New era 708 Years old
Biological Sex
Known Languages
Emperor Wulfrum knows a very large amount of languages
Character Prototype
he is heavily inspired by Odin

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