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Drakkan Empire

The Drakkan empire is the empire that rules the frozen continent of Drakka.  



Early History

North Drakka was inhabited by several kingdoms that started trading with the Shorian Empire. Once they started trading with the Shorian empire most of the kingdoms didn't bother with their new technologies, except for one kingdom. The one kingdom that took an interest in Shorian technology began rapidly adopting it and began developing their own technology, this technology gradually focused away from mechanical engineering and more to biological engineering. This abandoned all ideas of ethics, and performed horrific experiments in an attempt to create and weaponize life itself, they eventually succeeded and used their new technology to create an army of giant Homunculi and conquered the rest of the kingdoms of Drakka and by the year 500 they had fully conquered all of North Drakka.  

Recent History

In the year 780 the Drakkan empire began looking to expand it's borders beyond Drakka, and they found that they could take the other southern continents, Enska to the west and Meridum to the east. There were decent numbers of people living in those two continents however, and the Drakkan empire knew that Drakkans would be a minority in those continents if they colonized them, but they had a plan to deal with that. The Drakkan Empire had been experimenting with biological warfare for decades before, but now they had found a proper was to make use of it. They created an extremely deadly disease in secret that they would use to wipe out the natives of Enska and Meridum, and then Drakkan settlers could colonize it as if nobody was ever there. They first started by giving out mandatory vaccinations to everyone in Drakka to protect them from the disease, and then they started secretly infecting food and water supplies in Enska with the disease. This disease started rapidly infecting the Enskan population, and in 7 years had wiped out 98% of the population. After this the Drakkan settlers moved in and colonized the now nearly uninhabited continent. The Remaining native Enskans were killed by the Drakkan empire directly and by 790 all native Enskans were dead, and the only inhabitants of the continent were Drakkan. The Drakkan empire tried to cover up this event, but the world found out about what had happens and were horrified and shocked that something so horrible could happen. The nations of the world vowed never to ally themselves with the Drakkan empire and even threatened war if they ever did anything like that again, but Drakka reminded them about the power they had and how they could wipe out their entire populations if they wanted to, and deterred them from threatening war again. With the threat of a huge war somewhat dealt with, the Drakkan empire created another disease and wiped out the natives on Meridum in the same way they had with the Enskans, and conquered the continent in 798. After this Drakka stopped conquering continents as they had enough land and resources to secure their position as one of the world's strongest empires and for 82 years they have made no aggressive actions, however they seem to be interested in conquering even more southern continents, and if they do that they could start a world war.  


The Drakkan empire is ruled by Tarkot Unalak, a dictator who controls the population with an iron fist, constantly feeding the people propaganda, banning all other political parties and censoring anything that talks negatively about the Drakkan empire. Tarkot Unalak and the government believes that the Drakkan people are superior to all other humans, and that is part of the reason that they wiped out the population of Enska and Meridum to make way for their "superior people" to settle the land.  

International Relations

The Drakkan empire remained somewhat isolationist, they try not to get involved in other nation's issues and just keep to themselves. They are also disliked by most other nations for their dictatorship government and atrocities committed in the past. Many nations also fear the Drakkan empire after their biological warfare was proven to be so effective against the Enskans and people of Meridum, many fear that if they unleashed the engineered diseases to other nations they could meet a similar fate.  


The Drakkan Empire has a very large military. They have roughly 1,400,000 active military personnel in their empire. The Drakkan Empire heavily uses experimental technology, and they are experimenting with things like jet powered planes, biological and chemical warfare, and genetically modified super soldiers, of which they possess roughly 7,000 of. They have around 5,000 tanks, and 12,000 other armoured fighting vehicles.   In their navy, they have 4 aircraft carriers, 4 battleships, 103 submarines, 30 cruisers, and 41 destroyers. They also have several airships including 8 battleship-like airships, 4 flying carriers, and 108 smaller coastal defence/scouting airships. The Drakkan Empire's air force has 1,000 fighter planes, and 800 bombers, all of which vary greatly in size and weight.   The Drakkan Empire also has many highly experimental weapons and vehicles, most of which are kept secret.  

Territories and Population

The Drakkan empire is home to about 220 million people, practically all of which are ethnic Drakkans. These people rule the entirety of the continent of Drakka, as well as all of Enska and Meridum. The majority of the Drakkan population is on their homeland of Drakka, although there are significant populations on the neighbouring continents of Enska and Meridum.  


religion in Drakka is unique, while every other culture has strong religious practices based off of the obvious signs of a higher power existing, like Magic, the illogical shape of the world, and the existence of gods being confirmed by the titans. The Drakkan empire however doesn't have a religion, while it does recognize that gods must exist, they don't worship anything, and the Drakkan dictatorship government oppresses religious beliefs, and only about 2% of all Drakkans believe in a religion. While the government condemns religious practices, they are known to research and practice Magic frequently, but don't use it as a religious practice, but as a tool to further their goals. They have even developed a series of rituals that they claim they can use to help boost their soldier's combat capabilities and weaken their enemies.

Technological Level

The Drakkan empire has a unique approach to science, they don't believe in ethics and will do whatever sort of brutal and disturbing experiments they want, usually on criminals or prisoners of war. The Drakkan empire's technology is more focused on trying to take control of life itself, and with their disregard of ethics they have been able to create and weaponize giant Homunculi, and they are very skilled at psychological warfare and controlling their population. The Drakkan Empire's greatest weapon is disease. They can engineer any disease they want to wipe out the population of other places, like they did in Enska and Meridum.  

Military Technology

The Drakkan empire is more than willing to use their unique scientific methods to help strengthen their military, they have created magic weapons, supersoldiers, weaponized vampires, energy weapons, and many more.  


The Drakkan empire has created super soldiers using their genetic modification skills. These soldiers stand 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall on average, and are far more bulky and muscular than the average man. These soldiers are created by removing the part of the brain that inhibits body growth, replacing the heart with a mechanical heart that can handle their massive size and strength better, metal bones to help support their weight better, and extra strong muscles. These soldiers tend to wear extremely bulky Durnium armour and use heavy weapons like miniguns. These weapons are supplied by bullet belts hooking up to a large bullet container on their backs. Their armour is extra thick, and has highly advanced gas filters in the mask and mechanical functions all throughout the armour, and it is designed with red glowing eyes and dark colours to make them look intimidating in non-human.


Experimental Weapons

Drakka has experimented with many weapons that push the boundaries of what is possible with conventional science. Some of these weapons are a laser gun that can melt solid steel, a sonic blast gun that can shoot down airplanes and instantly kill people, a mysterious pillar which when activated will cause everyone within a 400 meter radius to begin bleeding out of their eyes and mouth, mild control devices and many others.


Weaponized Magic

Despite almost all Drakkan scientists and members of the government being non-religious, they still recognize the existence of magic and have used it as a weapon. They have developed some powerful rituals to help give their troops a combat advantage, this includes rituals that cause their troops to be able to ignore pain and keep fighting even after receiving fatal wounds. Another ritual is one that causes their enemies to become afflicted with random sicknesses, these sicknesses can vary from a mild cold that only lasts a few minutes, or a deadly disease that can kill. Military magic is strong in Drakka, only being surpassed by the Merindian Empire's even greater use of magic in their military.

Agriculture & Industry

Farming on Drakka is very difficult, so it's inhabitants mostly rely on fishing, hunting, and imports for food.


They frequently use trains that can plow snow out of the way, and they have even started digging long tunnels through the mountains to try to get to the The Outlands.

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Tarkot Unalak
Government System
Major Exports
They export animal furs commonly.
Major Imports
They import fruits and vegetables because they're very difficult to grow on Drakka.
Controlled Territories

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