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Dinosaurs are massive hulking creatures that inhabit parts of the The Outlands and some remote parts of The Midlands. Dinosaurs are dominant on many Outlands continents, like Panagon, Tandonia, Ungala, Surthur, and Solum, although most of the dinosaurs of Solum are extinct because of the The Akreth. Dinosaurs don't exist in the midlands, and there is no fossil evidence that they ever did, so the discovery of dinosaurs in the outlands was a groundbreaking discovery, as nothing like them had ever been seen before.   Dinosaurs are mostly very large and slow moving, most herbivorous dinosaurs evolved not to run away from predators, but to fight them off, this has lead to herbivores becoming very large and powerful, with thick skin and massive horns and spikes. Because of this carnivorous dinosaurs are also very large, slow and powerful. Dinosaur's skin is scaly, and they commonly grow feathers, although they are many dinosaurs without any feathers at all, and dinosaurs are warm blooded.   There are some fast and smaller dinosaurs, like raptors, and some fast herbivores, although they are always below the giant dinosaurs in the food chain.   There are also pterosaurs which are often mistaken for flying dinosaurs, although both pterosaurs and dinosaurs are descended from a common ancestor, pterosaurs are not dinosaurs, although they both inhabit the same areas usually.

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