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Colossal Sauropod

Colossal sauropods are the largest living things alive, they rule Tandonia, where they cast a shadow over even the largest creatures the there. Colossal sauropods have been described as "living mountains" by those who have seen them. The only accounts of the Colossal Sauropods are from the native humans in Tandonia. Merindian scientists are working on officially documenting these titanic beasts.   Colossal sauropods live in the deserts of tandonia, near the edge of forests and jungles where they feed on the leaves of the gigantic trees there.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Colossal sauropods are claimed to have long necks and tails with a row of spines running all the way along it. Their necks and tails are mostly horizontal, with the necks tilting slightly upwards.

Average Height
485 feet tall.
Average Length
Estimates put their length at an astounding 1700 feet long.

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