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cloud rhino

Cloud rhinos are an ancient species of rhino from the Regian mountains. woolly rhinos are descended from cloud rhino's, with them splitting off hundreds of thousands of years ago.  


Cloud rhinos resemble woolly rhinos, but with thicker fur, longer legs, larger size, white/light grey fur, and a different arrangement of horns. Cloud rhinos have 1 horn on it's nose, which is thick and short compared to other rhino horns.  


Cloud rhinos live all across the Regian mountains, as well as the long mountain range in northern Borea that divides Borea and Arctus. Cloud rhinos are well adapted to living in mountains, with long white/light grey fur that hangs down below their bodies that helps them survive the cold temperatures high in the mountains, and adaptation to high altitudes.

Average Height
7.5 feet (2.28 meters)
Average Weight
14.5 feet (4.4 meters)

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