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cave wolf

Cave wolves are a very large nocturnal wolf species that hunts at night.  

Habitat and Range

Cave wolves live in most forests and plains in the northern hemisphere of the Sundra in the midlands. Cave wolves send to dwell in caves, and will often battle against cave lions and cave bears for control over caves.  

hunting and diet

Cave wolves hunt in a similar way as normal wolves, in a pack, but they are nocturnal and are able to hunt larger prey because they are larger and stronger than most other wolf species. Cave wolves are more likely to hunt humans than other species, as they are able to sneak up on them under the cover of night and are just stronger and larger than other wolves.  


Cave wolves mostly resemble grey wolves, but they are larger, with a shoulder height of 4 feet (1.21 meters) and weighing over 300 lbs (136 kg). Cave wolves have larger teeth and stronger jaws, and thicker fur around their necks than other wolf species.

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