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Borealis class airship

The Borealis class airship is the main passenger airship of Regius.  


The Borealis class airship is huge, at 950 feet (289.6 meters) long. They have a roundish and long body, with 2 large rudders and elevator fins on the back. The Borealis has the area of it's cabin inside the airship's envelope in the middle of the airship, and the 2 pairs of propellers in front of the cabin and behind it. The control car sits in the middle of the airship, directly below the passenger cabin area.  


Borealis class airships have heavy rigid hulls made out of steel. It had 16 steel rings and many sturdy girders holding the structure together. It had 17 enormous drakkeon gas bags, which are able to hold the massive steel structure and vast passenger cabin aloft. inside. This heavy steel structure allows the Borealis class airships to be very strong, and their durnium skin further strengthens them.  

Passenger Accommodations

The Borealis class had a large 3 decked passenger area. It was able to seat around 900 passengers in comfort and safety. There are hundreds of sound proofed cabins, several of board restaurants, huge rows of downwards facing windows, large lounges, theaters, saunas, and many other amenities.  

Other Rooms

The Keel of the Borealis classes are also full of separate rooms the serve a variety of roles.There are radio rooms, most of the cargo rooms, mail room, crew cabins, the crew mess, an armoury, and an electrical room. On the top of the aiship, there are 2 smaller rooms, which are used to hold weaponry.  


In the past, airships were common targets for pirates, and many were raided and looted before passenger airship were armed. The Borealis class has 4 anti-air autocannons on the top, and 8 on the bottom, housed in the control car and in a small weapons gondola under the back of the ship. These armaments might seem excessive, but they have saved numerous passenger ships from being raided, and have largely made the world's airways a safer place.  

Operational History

The Borealis class airship was designed in 860 in order to compete with Merindian passenger airships that were beginning to rule the skies. The first Borealis class flew in 865, making it one of the largest airships ever at the time. It was made to transport passengers to Regius' outlands colonies. It was a very popular aircraft, and soon many more were made, and today it is Regius' main passenger airship.
Owning Organization

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