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Atroxes are massive hulking predators native to much of the northern hemisphere. Mammoths and Runoth are the Atrox's primary prey, they use their high endurance to chase them down, and devour them with their massive bone crushing jaws. The roar of the Atrox is also very unique, their roars usually start as a heavy deep grown, and then it gets louder and then the Atrox will let out an extremely loud and deep booming roar that sounds like a mix of a snarling beast and rolling thunder. This roar is so loud it can temporarily deafen people and it's deepness can even cause the ground to shake slightly.  


Atroxes are immense creatures, with a shoulder height of 12 feet (3.6 meters) and a length of 24 meters (7.3 meters). Their bodies resemble massively built bears, but with larger and higher humped backs, a long thick tail, and a massive head that holds crushing jaws that it uses to bite through the bones of their prey. Their can range in colour from all shades of brown, black and white.  


Atroxes feed on large slow animals like mammoths and runoth, and less often woolly rhinos, steppe rhinos, aurochs, bison, and humans. Atroxes, unlike a lot of other predators prefer to feed on the adults of the species rather than the babies, as they are larger, and because Atroxes can kill them. Atroxes hunt their most massive prey, the mammoths and runoth, by chasing them down and breaking their bones with it's huge jaws. It hunts smaller, faster animals like woolly rhinos and bison by chasing them down with it's superior endurance.  

Relationship with humans

Atroxes have preyed on humans for all of human history. They have always been greatly feared and unlike most other animals nobody could tame them. Atrox attacks are extremely difficult to survive. Atroxes run faster than humans and have great endurance, and when a Atrox gets to a human they would have no change of fighting it off. Atroxes are extremely destructive, climbing it trees or hiding behind gates and most walls won't save you because they will just smash through them or tear them down. Atrox attacks are very common because of how agressive Atroxes are, they are easily angered and also the fact that they sometimes hunt humans makes it worse.

Average Height
12 feet (3.6 meters)
Average Length
24 feet (7.3 meters)

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