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Ascension is the name of a process when somebody ascends to godhood and is forced to leave the world. Ascension occurs only when somebody reaches an incredible level of magic power which leaves them unable to exist in the physical world any more, once they reach this point they will begin to rise into the air, powerful energy will shoot out of there bodies in every direction, their physical form will become pure energy, and their power will increase exponentially, then they will ascend, their soul leaving their body and becoming a god, also known as an ascended master. Nothing is known about what happens to ascended masters after they ascend other than that they become gods, but they don't seem to be able to directly interact with the physical world and theories as to their purpose range from that all ascended master will return and remake the world to that they just died.   Ascension has occurred only a few times in recorded history, one person who has ascended is the god king, the former leader of the Elysian empire. Another person who is believed to be near ascension is Asheros, because his power has become so incredible.


Only one person has become powerful enough to ascend and was able to stop it, this person was the god king. His power became so great that he would have ascended, but because of decades of research on the process of ascension, he was able to stop it from happening. With the power of a god and not ascending, the god king became the most powerful person ever to exist, but he eventually became so powerful that he could no longer prevent ascension and ascended, become probably more powerful than any god alive.

Extremely Rare

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