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The Akreth are a strange species of human that inhabits the outlands, on the continent of Solum and live only in deserts.  


The akreth resemble modern humans, although they are taller and have much less body fat. Akreth also have extremely dark obsidian coloured skin, sharp claws and teeth and no hair at all. The eyes of the akreth are usually a piercing intense red, although they can also be orange or yellow, and they also have an extra transparent eyelid that let's them see during the sandstorms that commonly occur where they are from.  


The akreth are an unusually unified people, and have commonly existing historically in only a few large nations, and have fully united in the past. Currently all akreth are united under the rule of the akreth empire, which is ruled by their living god-king Asheros. The akreth primarily subsist on arthropods, and have recently discovered a breeding method which can grow massive amounts of bugs for them to eat. The akreth have gotten such a large surplus of food that their population has begun rapidly increasing, so much so infact that they have been forced to expand out of their desert homelands in search of new living space. Unfortunately this living space is occupied by modern humans and the akreth simply slaughter all humans that stand in their way so that they can colonize their newly gained lands.   The akreth can only live in hot deserts, as they are adapted to the heat and climate and their entire food supply needs the desert to survive too. The akreth have a hard time surviving in non-desert climates and thus use magic to turn all of the lands they conquer into deserts. An army of akreth could conquer a fertile jungle and by the time they are done turning it into a desert all that is left are sand dunes and the occasional ruin of a tower or a petrified tree poking up out of the endless sands. This process of artificial desertification has caused a mass extinction on their home continent of Solum and it also makes their lands much harder to re-conquer as there is often nothing left of use by the time they are done with the place.   When setting off to conquer a place, the akreth will utilize their massive population to create a massive horde of soldiers that simply overrun their enemies. They will also send in sandstorms to demoralize their enemies and make it harder for them to fight. If this fails then their god-king Asheros will simply destroy whatever is blocking the akreth army. So far nothing has been able to stop Asheros except for the ancient walls that protect the last holdouts of the Elysian empire.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

The Akreth can only live in a desert and since there population is so large they have outgrown the desert they call home so they conquer land and use their magic to turn it into a desert. They also cannot live in cold temperatures.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Akreth live on the continent of Solum a continent in The Outlands. They can only inhabit the desert on it, this desert is rapidly expanding thanks to them though.

Average Intelligence

The akreth possess the same intelligence level as modern humans

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
6'6" feet (2 meters)
Average Physique
Tall and this but often very muscular
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The Akreth have extremley dark obsidian coloured skin.

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