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Airships are large flying ships held aloft by lighter than air gas. They fill a diverse range of roles, they can be used as civilian transport, cargo ships, flying battleships, troop transport ships and exploration ships. Airships are help aloft by a very light lifting gas discovered in 550. The lifting gas is 20x lighter than hydrogen and can easily carry large amounts of supplies and or people, the lifting gas also is light enough to allow military airships to be covered in heavy guns and armour, making them into basically flying battleships. The lifting gas is somewhat reactive and can explode, but it is far harder to make it explode than it is to make hydrogen explode. Civilian transport ships are a very relaxing ride, they are usually fully equipped with comfortable seating areas, restaurants, beds for overnight voyages and basically anything that can be put on a sea ship. Although airships can move faster than sea ships as well as being able to go over land, they cannot carry as much as sea ships. Flying in these airships feels more like being in a flying hotel than being in an air plane. Military airships can be massive, armed with large ship cannons, bombs, machine guns and a shell of armour. Military airships are used for breaking enemy fortifications and transporting troops and supplies, they can also serve as flying aircraft carriers, allowing air planes and helicopters to land inside of the airship.   Non-military airships, at least in the Merindian Empire are made by Windsor airship company and Skyspan airship Corporation. Other countries also have airship building companies, but these two are the largest. Airships are used primarily by the Regian and Merindian empires to transport settlers, supplies or to their colonies in the outlands, they can reach an outlands colony in roughly 14-20 days.   Airships are categorized into several sizes.   class A airships: 0-99 feet long   class B airships: 100-199 feet long   class C airships: 200-299 feet long   class D airships: 300-399 feet long   class E airships: 400-499 feet long   class F airships: 500-599 feet long   class G airships: 600-699 feet long   class H airships: 700-799 feet long   class I airships: 800-899 feet long   class J airships 900-1000 feet long   class K airships: any airship exceeding 1000 feet in length

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