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Panthea is an immense flat world, which is divided by rings of mountains and ice. Between these rings there are countless oceans, continents and islands. The ring furthest to the center of the world is known as the midlands, and anywhere outside of the ring in the center is called the outlands. In the midlands there are many powerful nations, but there are two nations in particular that have been rivals for hundreds of years, they are the Merindian Empire and Regius. These two nations have started exploring the outlands and setting up colonies there in order to help gain more wealth and power. Tensions between the two nations have been growing, and many believe an all out war between the two is inevitable.   Panthea is full of possibilities for adventure in the outlands there is endless opportunity for exploration, as there is always new land not yet mapped, new civilizations not yet contacted and countless unknown wonders to find, explorers could explore Titan Ruins, learn Magic, make a Homunculus, become a pirate or Mercenary, try to become the world's strongest, explore the underworld, and many other things. The world is also full of dangers, there are many things out there that could kill you like the deadly Land animals lurking just outside of town and cities, or Vampires, or the many mighty sea monsters that terrorize the open ocean.   The majority of Panthea is dominated by Humans, who make up a majority of it's population. Less numerous and widespread races exist like the Giants of Arctus or the The Akreth, or the Tandonia Giants from the The Outlands . All of these races are descended from the now extinct The Titans.


  • Map of Geographic Regions, Islands, and Seas
  • Map of Titan cities

    This map displays the locations of all known titans cities in the midlands, and the extend of the underground/underwater rail system connecting all of the cities.

  • Map of Midland continents
  • Map of Merindian Empire

    All of the territories controlled by the Merindian Empire, including all colonies in The Midlands and The Outlands.

  • Map of Political Map

    The countries of the world, 880

  • Map of The known world

    As you can see the world is divided into ring like shapes, with the Midlands being in the middle. The rings divided the layers of the world are made up of tall frozen mountains. Between the rings of mountain there are warmer, and home to many civilizations.   The area shown on this map is roughly 14,400,000,000 square km.

  • Map of The Midlands
  • Map of Merindia
  • Map of Arctus
  • Map of Arctic Ocean