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Amidst a raging ocean are the two continents of Reams and Proxis. Reams is expansive continent full of mighty mountains, perilous deserts, enchanted forests, and great plains. Proxis is a land of art, exotic spices, and mystical western shores that entice all visitors from Reams. Till recently, Reams has been in intense war times as the ambitious nation Quadralia sought to expand into a mighty empire. Many nations were conquered during the war and it was not until the three greatest nations of Reams joined together in an alliance to combat the Quadralia, and they were indeed successful at forcing Quadralia to sign a peace treaty. It's been neartly have a decade since the war and the continent is still picking up the broken pieces as bandits raid villages, rebellions break out, and ancient magics awakening due to the immense bloodshed. Along the western coast of the continent, a rebel force has formed to gain justice for the unfair trade taxes and the nations monopoly on goods from Proxis. Rumors have also spread about ancient artifacts being uncovered by the adventurers guild Orcs Bane that have powers beyond what magic can explain.

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The Treasure of Mussmeurr's Map

Pathfinder 1e

The map will lead you to your greatest desires through treacherous waters, dodging the navy, and fighting off sea monsters.