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For centuries the Keterwin Isles have lived in league with the fierce dragons of ice.   Legend speaks of these dragons and humans having come together to survive their mutal enemy, a giantfolk called the Rimeon


The Azzuredon is a large feathered raptor of saurus lineage whose stripes are rings about it long tail used for balance.   Build for speed, these big beasts hunt in tight-knit packs but have proven to be impossible to train for most folks.
It is the Uzachee who discovered that hatching and hand raising the chick so it imprints on their rider is the only way to tame them.


These great beasts serve the Sourrey as pack beasts and battle mounts.   During the messht moon when the Treshornes are in rut, they are let go to breed as they will. Soon after the messht, the Treshornes are rounded back up by the Sourrey.
Female Threshornes lay their eggs in a nest, cover them, then leave them to hatch on their own. The Sourrey then gather and raise the young.


This truly legendary creature spawns terrifying tales once or twice a generation when one eats a ship. They are ageless creatures that never stop growing. Thank the gods they almost never reach titanic size.


These hearty chickens have become coveted for their feisty roosters. The habit of immature roosters joining the dominant rooster in facing down dangers to the flock have made then sought after as guard beasts.


These scheming dragons build the entrances to their lairs under the filthy murky waters of swamps, marshes, and wetlands.   They breathe acidic ichor in streams that will even dissolve stone, making their lair building easier.
These night flying dragons will polymorph into people to carry out their nefarious schemes.


I, the great Xerchan, am a Blazon Dragon. When my ire is provoked, I breathe the hottest fire. We Blazons enjoy conversing with the other peoples of the world. Often we hide our awe-inspiring selves
by transforming into other forms to encourage more relaxed interactions with the tremulous creatures of the world.


These tasty freshwater shrimp are the largest of all freshwater shrimp species.   They prefer the colder waters in the northern branches of the Darkwater River where they grow to a foot long!
Hunting these delicious shrimp is a challenge as they are found only in small groups called shoals.


This typical looking dog is born with demon blood and a deep need to feed upon misery. The poxpug croaks like a toad, releasing Poxuponme fumes that smell like vomit. This vile dog then waits for the misery to begin.


A large herbivore creature with a hollow horn on its heads that is actually nostrils. These horns allow them to breath when they feed on water plants and produce a loud whistling sound they use to warn of danger.
The Engi use they fast animals to pull their wagons except in cold places.  


Its purr is loud and deep. These large hunters in the sky are a blend of bird and cat. When bonded to an Argoziu knight, they become truly terrifying to their enemies and prey. How fortunate for the world they are solitary creatures in the wild.


These adorable water creatures are long sleek and spend much of their lives playing.   Those who become too delighted with their playfulness tend to forget they are big enough, and hungry enough, to hunt them, too.


Shriek, screech, yowl or however you wish to call the vocal sounds from this little furry creature, it is annoying beyond all belief. Adding to this is its rather filthy nature of flinging poo when it's startled or threathened, making it most unsuitable as a pet.
Beware when in the jungle so you dont befall the same fate as those involved in the Rumble In The Jungle tale.  


This wolf lives in swamps where its large webbed paws aide it in swimming and traversing the soggy grasses. A pair has been tamed by a tribe of nisslings. Could this mean a new evolution for both species?


These great beasts come from the cold north lands where the Engi have domesticated to pull their wagons. Caravans of woollyruss-pulled wagons can be found all over the world save for in the savage hotlands.


These little saurus creatures are no threat to anything bigger than a frog or a mouse when alone. Together, they prove that there is strength in numbers. As their number grow, so does their abuility to take down bigger prey.
When in the jungle, never forget the tale, Rumble In The Jungle.  


It's not their fault that they will burrow and dig for magical things. They were made to be that way. Little and bringing no harm to anyone, they can none the less be detrimental to magical places. Just ask the gnomes who made them!


Rare beyond belief. I had thought them purged from existence by the High Guid of Magic centuries ago until I spotted a human with one. Imagine my surprise when I discovered he had two!


What stinks to one can be very pleasant to another.   In the case of the Ramblebark, one whiff and you find yourself able to converse with a tree that will vanish to parts unknown the moment it feels threatened.


This giant bee is beautifully white, harvesting the hidden lands in the clouds. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone.   If you are truly wise, they will lead you to wondreous splendors.


I spotted these metallic silver birds with a nest of silver eggs inside a birdhouse in the garden of script shop. I never would have believed them capable of breeding true but last week the eggs hatched. Where did they come from? Who made them?


These oddest of creatures were created by demonic magic gone wrong during an incident called Sweet Dreams.   Some of these stange eggs escaped to breed true in the wild. Touched with demon magic,
who knows what trouble these creatures will cause the world. Also, they are mighty tasty.


The tale Rumble In The Jungle prepared me well for the gorillas. They are viciously cunning, having learned to lure one threat to attack another. Such cleverness leaves me to wonder when they will move from beast to primitive people.
I shall respect their reclusiveness and watch them from afar.


It moves in near silence, squeezing through narrow spaces something its size should not possibly fit into. Its lack of speed is its victim's only hope. Even we Blazons must be wary of them when visiitng volcanos.


Unnatural, vile and horrific. Those who dare to cultivate it deserve to be fed to it. Its victims are of the rare few for whom death is far more merciful if the cure cannot be had. Do not torment them with goodbyes. End their agony.


Big, toothy, hungry. A rannos can crush through bones and even dragon scales with one bite. It has a nose that can smell blood up to a mile away and hear the whimpers of the wounded or ill from an even greater distance. Even when half-grown, it is wisest to not fight one.
Again, let the unwise in the tale Rumble In The Jungle teach you caution.


It looks so innocent sitting in the water. Just another tuft of grass to step on to keep out of the swamp water. Some are big enoguh to comfortably rest upon. But beware! It wants to feed you to its roots.

Cover image: by jw432


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7 Feb, 2023 19:58

Everything looks amazing! I love it, you are sooo talented!

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8 Feb, 2023 11:58


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I love the red hills chicken! And the flying fried egg! That one made me laugh when I saw the art of it. :D

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Glad you enjoyed them! Yes, eggs that are dangerous.. and yummy

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I like the layout! <3

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Come vist my worlds PANGORIO for exciting tales, world lore, and RPG adventures! HYPNOSIUM is my new historical fantasy world!