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Thimmy Cragjumper



The Playing Years

Thimmy Cragjumper was born the youngest of four sons and the seventh of seven children.   Until he was ten years old, he spent most of his time learning to read, write, and working numbers during the slow days at the alehouse.   On busy days, he went out to play in the streets with the other children of @bla.   Their favorite game was Take The Banner, a game where they would ttry to sneak or fight past each other to steal the other team's banner, which was often a painted handkerchief tied to a stick.

The Working Years

The Brewing Barn
All that changed when he turned ten and he had to work with his father and brothers in the brewing barn.   His lessons with his mother continued while he learned to work all the jobs in the brewing barn.   The best job was the rolling of the barrels, though getting them on a cart was hard work.   If he rushed through his chores and the alehouse was busy, he had time to run off and play
At night, though, his real work began.   His sister Shyri had passed the age when The Hand would choose youngsters to join their and had been passed over because she was a girl.   She was very angry at the Hand and would often sneak out of their home to carry out some mischief against the Hand or to at least watch them and plan her next bit of mischief.   She always started out dressed in clothes stolen from his older brothers who never noticed they were missing, the dunderheads.   As the only brother who could keep up with her sneaking abilities, Thimmy felt it fell to him to ensure she never got caught out.   Shyri was SUCH a handfull!

The Trouble

Shyri finally found a fellow named Fawkes L. H. Fairchild she really liked and who seemed a right fine fellow during the day but at night proved to be as sneaky as she was.   He was the skipper of a keelboat that sold spices and, after the murdering fire that killed his grandfather and his crew, he became even more sneaky.   Though it had been three months and he still had no crew, he could easily round up a crw and sail away, breaking Shyri's heart. She HAD to be protected!   One stormy night, Shyri snuck out even though it was a terrible time what with the fishers all riled up against the townwatch for not stopping the Hand from taking their boats.
  Thimmy tried to find them but as he was sneaking around Hagglers Distillery, the Hand caught him and took him aboard their ship, the Eddy Rider .   Their captain was a beast of a man who did terrible things to Thimmy that left horrible scars the boy survived by the use of unnatural healing.   A daring rescue by Fawkes saved Thimmy who the captain had been planning to kill soon.
      This led to more tensions between the townsfolk and the Hand that only ended when Thimmy and Shyri escaped Blackstone aboard The Gosling.       Now, Thimmy lives with Shyri in Honey Port , a town claimed by the Hand's greatest rival, The Silvers.
I always wanted to join the Hand. Being a thief sneaking all around the kingdom would be great! But after what the Hand did to me aboard their ship they can all go to Inferna!
  Human Male 12 yrs old   5 ft tall, 125 lbs   Red hair cut short whenever his mother or sister gets tired of seeing it long

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2 Dec, 2021 17:12

Great work! I love the name Thimmy!

Master Dazzlinkat
K.S. Bishoff
3 Dec, 2021 01:35


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5 Dec, 2021 22:37

Poor Thimmy! :( How's he doing mentally after everything that happened?

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Master Dazzlinkat
K.S. Bishoff
5 Dec, 2021 22:59

That is actually coming out in the stories he is a character in lol

Here is my Challenge article! HROKENTORM   Come vist my worlds PANGORIO for exciting tales, world lore, and RPG adventures! HYPNOSIUM is my new historical fantasy world!