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Oh, NaNo Boy

Lines in all CAPS are the original lyrics. The filked lyrics are beneath and dashes used to show where odd wording still matches the beats

Oh, NaNo Boy, the keys, the keys are calling   FROM GLEN TO GLEN AND DOWN THE MOUNTAIN-SIDE
From page to page and down the manu-script.   THE SUMMER'S GONE AND ALL THE ROSES FALLING.
The summer's gone and all the zombies rising.   TIS YOU, TIS YOU MUST GO AND I MUST-BIDE
Tis you, tis you must write and I in-spire.     BUT COME YE BACK WHEN SUMMER'S IN THE MEADOWS
Now write your words with zombies in the meadows   OR WHEN THE VALLEY'S HUSHED AND WHITE WITH SNOW.
And with the filkers hushed and tome knights down.   TIS I'LL BE HERE IN SUNSHINE OR IN SHADOW
Tis I'll be here with conflict or with drama.   OH, DANNY BOY, OH DANNY BOY I LOVE YOU SO!
Oh, NaNo Boy, Oh NaNo Boy, I'll help you so!     BUT WHEN YE COME, AND ALL THE FLOWERS (pronounced as one sylable flowrs) ARE DYING
But when you slow, and all your scenes are dying   IF I AM DEAD, AS DEAD I MAY-WELL BE,
Then I will plot, and guide as muse-s do,   YOU'LL COME AND FIND THE PLACE WHERE I AM LYING
You'll come and find the place where words are hiding   AND KNEEL AND SAY AN AV-E THERE FOR ME
And write and know that I-am there for you     AND I SHALL HEAR, THOUGH SOFT YOU TREAD A-BO-OVE (drawn out) ME
And I shall cheer, when swift you tap on-the (drawn out) keys   AND ALL MY GRAVE WILL WARMER, SWEETER BE,
My muse heart then will warmer, sweeter be,   FOR YOU WILL BEND AND TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE-ME,
For you will write and show me your great stor-y,   AND I SHALL SLEEP IN PEACE UNTIL YOU COME TO ME!
And I shall weep with pride until you reach The End!

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