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Nezik Province Gnomes

"I got an invite to Rillo's party, mother," Juff declared as he struggled to get his cloak pinned just right.     Looking uncooth would be horrid at the finest party in Amberdale.     There had been rumors that Rillo's father had traveled three days to the city just to buy one of those gnome party boxes. He HAD to go!     "Have Skitt do my chores for me," Juff suggested.     He gave his river-washed hair a final combing and turned to leave the room he shared with his three brothers.
His mother stood there, one hand on a hip and a wooden spoon in the other.     "You will be mucking out the stable for a week in addition to your regular chores if you go to this party." She warned. "And if it aint done I will speak to your father."     Juff grimaced.     He hated mucking out the donkey barn.     But if it meant going to the party, it was worth it.     "I will do that, mother."

Who Are the Nezik Gnomes?

The Province of Nezik is on the eastern side of the third Amurian Island. Across a seventy mile channel lies the island of Ranadal, the grand island of the Amurians and seat of the king. Like all gnomes, those who live in Nezik love to tinker with magic. Without the political pressures of Ranadal and little threat from pirates within the channel, they have turned their skills to other things.   Being civilised is the epitome of Nezik life and celebrations are the epitome of being civilized. On every High Day, which happens in the middle of every week, Nezik gnomes celebrate with parties. Most of these are simple affairs held in homes where the family practices new celebration techniques.
When a new technique satisfies the family, they will display it at the big High Day Festival held once a month for the whole community. Outrageous dance moves, new riotous musics, party games, and foods are among the many things that can be found at these festivals.   Their party techniques have made Nezik Province one of the richest provinces in all the Amurian Islands. The Nezik Province is a major contributer to the Royal Navy and most civilian shipyards as well. This is something they are very dedicated to so their citizens can avoid military service and dedicate themselves to being civilized.

Nezik Party Boxes

  A party box, more properly called a Party-In-A Box, is all the fabulous fun of a Nezik party magically packed into a box.     Open it up and it will fill the area around it with party trappings.     Tables will fill with an assortment of foods and drinks. Crystals will cluster in a corner and play music for hours.     Fancy, and much more expensive, party boxes will include invisible magical servants that serve party goers, wear colorful costumes and dance, or even run betting games.     These boxes are so popular around the world that even the poorest Nezik gnome wears silks, satins, and velvets.


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