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Lord Riburt Killor

Gatemaster Rinyld Duyn Dankward (a.k.a. Magehand)

One of The Hand's thugs was thwarted from robbing the room of a keelboat trader by a strange book that attacked the thug who felt lucky to escape out the window with his life. Such books are very rare and the moment Riburt Killor heard of it he knew he had to have it. Unfortunately, The Hand had a ready market for magical things and knew such a book would fetch them a great price.   This was merely a complication to Killor. He informed The Hand that the owner of such a book was an old mage and very dangerous, as it took a powerful mage to control such a book. He suggested that they dispatch of the mage then steal the book, which will be weakened enough by the death of its master than it could be captured in a special pack he would craft for them.   The Hand decided that, Killor must see to the wizard while their thieves would bag the book and take it to their fence at the old abandoned haybarn.   It was a great plan, and Killor delighted in it as it allowed him to hire the local nissling tribe to steal the special pack, stitched with special markings.   With the nisslings hidden in the Thrundank Swamp where not even the swampers of Honeyshade could find them, he would have the book without anyone knowing it. Perfect!   And then ... the day of the deed came and he entered the Blackstone Inn to find the old mage was somone he recognized from his old life from three years ago! Panic! He HAD to kill him in one spell! Without a second thought, he cast it, not caring how many others would die or how much damage he would do to the Blackstone Inn, a silent parnter of The Hand.   And this is where the story begins ...

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is a soft-bellied man on the verge of turning old.

Body Features

He wears his brand of the hand on the underside of his upper left arm

Facial Features

He keeps a short and neatly trimmed beard and mustache

Apparel & Accessories

He always wears the finery of the nobility, though with far less jewelry unless he is attending a lordly court or function, like a ball or feast.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Was on the verge of becoming Grand Gatemaster when The End Of Instant happened. He happened to be away seeing to personal business at his estate when it happened and managed to go into hiding before the killing of conductors and gatemasters began by aligning himslef with the the thieves gang called The Hand. He has been a rogue mage named Lord Riburt Killor ever since. When out doing jobs he is known only as Magehand.

Personality Characteristics


His greatest goal is for his former name and life to be forgotten so as he can attain wealth and luxury under his new persona. Those who might jeaopardize that must be eliminated to preserve his secret past which could get him killed if revealed.
Biological Sex
male prefers females
Greying black
Skin Tone
White with a light tan

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Cover image: Garzio the Tome by Noupload


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