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(As Told By KIPESS The Nissling)  

Good Times

  Meats in The Thrundank were good and plentiful. Getting meats was tricksy as paying too much attention to the hunts could gets a nissling eaten.   Troving was hard in The Thrundank but we made-do by raiding the boat peoples and trading loot to the fur peoples for coins to jingle in pouches. Our tribe's trove was shamefully small but it was ours.   Boat peoples and fur peoples made jingles with words, and lots of them! It looked easier than raiding so I watched them and learned. Their howlings were hard to get right and everytime I howled for the jingles, they threw plant foods instead. Yuck!   So, I tried their noisemakers. I could bang the hide bowls all day but peoples tossed rocks. Ouch! The string boxes were troubling. Strings snagged on my claws, broke with a loud snap to slap for my eyes, and tangled my feets until I fell to the dirt. Not fun! Then, I tried the bone whistle. Peoples tossed jingles!   Oh, it was fun to makes jingles! Made even more jingles by telling moodoo tales between the bone whistlings.  

Trouble Times

  Boss Akaross agreed to a fancy raid with the boat peoples called The Hand for lots of jingles that made our trove proper looking. After the fancy raid, we feasted and partied for three nights and two days! As we rested from the great party, Boss Akaross sent me to the fur peoples with jingles to get a hooch maker. Finally, we would have nissling hooch! I haggled my best and got a fine hooch maker with plenty of jingles left in the boss pouch. I flew back to The Lair with joys.   It was daylight by then and I had to wear my eye scales. They let me see many boat peoples' boats poling away from The Lair. Some were clawed up, others lay on the bottoms pierced with nissling bolts. Alls had blood. Oh, nos!   I dove down into The Lair, half-folding my wings so I could glide fast through the out tunnel and land in the homey cave. Dead were every where. Most were nissling. Some were boat peoples. By a wall I saw dead hatchlings and my heart cried. I howled to MoorDoon. From the Boss tunnel came answering howls. Nisslings still lived!   Joys filled me and I ran down the tunnel. There in the boss cave was Boss Akaross missing an arm. Barker Devdass was struggling to move the last big stone holding down the pretty hide covering the secret trove cave. As he moved the last stone, the hide moved aside. Moodoo Edalss stepped out.  
"Come, come!" she barked back into the trove cave. Hatchlings scurried out. Many joys!   "Kipess," Boss Akaross called to me. I went to him and put down the hooch maker and boss pouch of jingles.   "Yes, boss?"   "We goes to the Hidey-Hidey Lair," Boss Akaross said. "Nots you."   "Whats?" I asked.   Boss Akaross pointed at the boss pouch with his only arm.   "Takes it. Fills with jingles. Stops The Hand. They crosses us."   "Yes, Boss." I promised though my heart trembled. The Hand had magics.   I took the boss pouch, filled it from the trove, and left to save my tribe.
— the memory that will never die for Kipess.

Tricksy Times

  At the end of the fancy raid, I had mets the sneaky shiny haggler, Fawkes. I returned to hims and bought knowledge from hims, but not for jingles. For this, he haggled favors. Whats favors we haggled are hush hush. No asking!   I did haggles for a magic shiny that could move big stuffs with the boss jingles. The Hand magic makers had left for now, I nots haggled for why as I hads plans. Shhhh!   With haggled knowledge, I began to hunt The Hand. First, I scumfroggoo'ed one Hand and puts him in the bed of fancy-pantsed boat peoples wife, also scumfroggooed. Oh, the yells and fights joyed my heart!   Two nights later, I broke all the full bottles in the brandy house where The Hand gathered for hush hush haggling. Ha, more yells and fights!   For the next several nights, I began to hunt The Hand, taking them when each was alone. With each hunt, I bagged their livers in salts. I bagged five livers of The Hand before I was hunted by the Blackstone boat peoples who wanted all The Hand hunting for themselves.  

Home Times

  I returned to The Thrundank and to Hidey-Hidey Lair. There I gave the livers to Boss Akaross. We had a great party where the salted livers were roasted and eaten, a piece for each nissling from hatchling to boss. With bone whistling, I told the tale of my tricksing and hunting The Hand. Boss Akaross claimed me Eater of the Hand. Moodoo Edalss claimed me Fang of MoorDoon.   After the resting from the great party time, Boss Akaross declared Hidey-Hidey Lair stay nissling size. No room for big peoples! Still, hagglings had to be done so Boss Akaross decided to makes roomy huts for haggling. They were mades on one big mound over from Hidey-Hidey Lair. One for boat peoples and one for fur peoples.  

Now Times

  Fang of MoorDoon and Eater of the Hand sat in my heart. Fawkes had haggled that The Hand was in more places than Blackstone. My hunt was not yet done. I packed more scumfroggoo, snakesnapper ands my bone whistle. With farewells to my tribe, I left The Thrundank to continue my hunt.
  Home, home in the swamp. Where the meats will eats you before you eats meats. No snoozing!
Kipess the Nissling by Dazzlinkat on HeroForge
Kipess. Kites with a p and lots of ss.
— Kipess the Nissling telling humans how to speak his name
  The Hand are boat peoples in the boat peoples' place called Blackstone     Good to raid, bad to visit unless you wants your tail nailed to a wall.
  Sneaky shinies haggler Fawkes. Keep claws tucked in harness and jaws clamped shut until you untricksy his words. Most tricksiest trickster with words ever!

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Cover image: Garzio the Tome by Noupload


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18 Jan, 2021 00:22

I love the unique voice that you have going through this article. It really brings Kipess to life! :) I also love all the tooltips that translate some of the word Kipess is using.

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Thanx! This was very fun to write.

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Delightful! (And the bit about him telling people how to say his name made me smile.)

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