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Gur Dog

Such a shame for the lad to leave his keelboat all empty, a rough looking river man thought to himself as he stared at the keelboat. It sat there with its colorfully striped tent walls rolled down and tied into place covering the deck between midship and cabin providing the crew a nice place for sleeping; when they were aboard, and no one was. He had seen them all go off with one of their two dogs. Why would anyone with a keelboat keep two really big dogs as mascots? Sure, they looked big and bad but they were only dogs.   The river man licked his lips with a grin as he drew his cutlass. His blade had seen better days as it had nicks and more than one rusty spot, but he kept the blade sharp. Damn fools were about to lose one of their mascots as well as their boat. He put away the cutlass. It was time to get himself a fine keelboat.   Laughing under his breath, the river man walked along the dock to the keelboat. No one paid him any notice. That was how things were on the docks. No one cared about anything other than their own boat. And it was how he expected to get away with stealing the boat in broad daylight.   Looking up and down the dock, he did not see any of the keelboat's crew. Drawing his cutlass in case the dog got all mean, he stepped onto the keelboat. He almost groaned in pleasure at the strong sturdy wood of the deck beneath his feet. No half-rotted, leaky, near to sinking crappy boat here!   A growl came from the tied open front flaps of the deck tent and he turned. There stood the other dog. Its black and gold striped back fur bristled and its fangs shone starkly white against its big wide head whose face was a black mask.   The river man crouched, bringing his cutlass to the ready.   "Time t' die ya slobberin' cur," he sneered at the dog.   The big dog looked him in the eye.   "WOOF!" With that single loud bark, the air slammed into the river man. His ribs cracked as he was hurled off the deck and into the stern of the keelboat moored ahead of The Gosling. Dazed and near unconscious, the river man fell into the water which shocked him back to his senses. Sputtering and floundering, he managed to swim away under the dock and to the shore where he climbed out.   The dog looked at the cutlass laying on the deck. With a disdainful sniff, he picked up the cutlass and dropped it over the side with a little splash. He gave himself a shake and went back under the deck tent to lay down on his blanket and contentedly chew on his bone.
— excerpt from Garzio-indar: Beasts page 22 (as seen by a sailor)
    Gur Stats


Medium elemental, beast, neutral
Armor Class: 17
Hit Points: 49hp (7d8+21) 7d8+21
Speed: 40ft Burrow: 20ft


15 +2


14 +2


16 +3


5 -3


12 +1


10 +0

Damage Resistances: Blunt, Pierce, Slash
Damage Immunities: Poison
Condition Immunities: Petrification, Poisoned
Senses: Keen Hearing and Smell: advantage on Perception(wis) within 30 feet
Languages: none
Challenge Rating: 5

Darkvision: 60 feet   Trip Str DC:12 or prone   Multiattack: A gur can bite twice each turn


Thunderbark (recharge 5-6 on 1d6) 1d6 15 foot cone Con DC:13 success for 1/2 damage and not knocked back, failure take 2d8 damage Thunder and knocked back 10 feet 2d8   Bite Attack:+6 1d8+2 damage Pierce 1d6+2

A gur looks like a big dog brindled with black and gold stripes. It only needs to eat until it grows to adult size. This food can be organic or earth. It needs to eat earth if its injured. One pound of earth eaten heals 2d4+2 hp. Being part dog, it still loves to chew on bones. If reduced to 0 hp, a gur changes into a solid granite statue that can only be destroyed if a single blow shatters it into many pieces. Chipping it or breaking off pieces is only visual effects that correct themselves every round. AC:20 HP:120   A gur starts as an egg that lies dormant until the activating word is spoken. What that word is varies from egg to egg.

Suggested Environments

Gur can live in any environment as it does not need to breath, though it needs air for its Thunderbark.

General Knowledge   A gur is a mostly unknown magical dog of mysterious origins. Its body is deep and thickly muscled. A short coat of black and dark gold striped fur covers their bodies except for their faces which is a black mask. These dogs are not just big they are huge, weighing more than most grown men. Their heads are broad and massive but with a wrinkled forehead and face that gives them an alert yet friendly expression.     Gurs are patient and lovable, if they decide to bond with someone. They are ageless. They will grow up but never grow old.  
Killing a gur is a difficult task. When a gur is near death, it reverts to a statue of black pearl granite. Chipping away the stone or breaking off a piece is only a visual effect that corrects itself every few minutes.
  One single blow shattering the granite statue into many pieces will prevent the gur from reforming. If their granite form is put back together, however, the gur will come back with a fury. The heart of a gur looks like a stone egg covered in runes. Once a gur has been shattered, they heart can be taken and "hatched" where upon it will grown up all over again.   Gurs are also very intelligent. They can understand several languages but cannot speak them, as their vocal abilities are limited to that of dogs. This leads most folk to never realizing a gur is more than an animal, something gurs use to their advantage.   Once fully grown, a gur no longer needs to eat but those who bond with a gur continue to do so to keep their beloved gur happy. A gur also does not need to breathe and can travel through any terrain, even underwater or through poisonous fumes. They do, however, need air for their thunder bark, a magical attack and will try to not give up breathing unless they absolutely have to for that reason. This attack is a loud bark that creates a wave of sound that can knock down enemies while hitting them with damaging sound.

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Cover image: Gur by thevalkyri


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