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Garb of the Acolytes

"To appreciate the garb as you journey to enlightenment, Fawkes, you must understand where it all began," Thimys Fairchild said to his grandson.   Fawkes still scowled at the pile of new clothes that were NOT of the fancy sort he always wore. Why did he need the Appelkamp acolyte clothes anyways? Grandfather was not sending him there to study.   "I don't see how I will ever appreciate these. Is there ANYTHING else I can study?"   Thimys rapped his staff against the back of Fawkes' leg.   "Ow," Fawkes protested in reflex. The blow had been more attention getting than punishment. This time.   "Stop your whining and sit down, Fawkes." Thimys ordered the boy. "Now, LISTEN to where it all comes from ... "

The Flying Ship of Boki

  Boki is the goddess of secrets. She spread the knowledge of magic, stolen from another god, to those who were not giantkin. This was during the time of the Hrokentorm Empire, an empire of magical giants who once ruled all the world with a ruthless hand and savage magic. It was during their rule that the art of Golem Craft came to be.  
The Golem.png

Hrokentorm Golem

As the golems became more numerous, and powerful, they were turned into war engines.   Battered wrecks and scraps could be found everywhere.   From these scraps, Boki crafted herself a golem ship.
All of this she did mostly by mortal means as she had to hide her true self by supressing her powers so no other god would know she was defying The Rule of Godsheim.
  Once she completed her ship, she gathered a crew of loyal and devoted humans. She gifted each member of her crew a headband of braided leather blessed by her. These minor blessings granted them courage, insight, and tolerance for all climates. Each colored strand contained one of the blessings. The dark cognac strand, a dark reddish brown, holds the tolerance for climate. The griffin strand, a dark tan, holds courage. The augustine strand, a dark muted purple, holds insight. Only when all three are together, will they work. To this day, such headbands are given to all novitiates who have passed their trials of enlightenment.   For three human generations she sailed the world, before taking apart her ship. She scattered the mortal pieces about the world and retreated back to Godsheim.  

Old Fane

  Over time, they stopped thinking of themselves as Boki's crew and started to call themselves Acolytes of Boki. The acolytes in Old Fane still wear the original styles used by the crew of the Flying Ship of Boki. They believe that to change the style would be to dishonor the origins of all acolytes.  
First Gen Garb Old Fane Acolyte.png

Old Fane Acolyte

The acolytes still felt driven to carry on the work they had done with Boki.   They took it upon themselves to ensure those who had magic used it according to Her teachings.   Even today, those who go the way of the Hrokentorm, by using their magic in terrible ways, are hunted down.
First Gen Garb Old Fane Master.png

Old Fane Master

There is no distinction between master, grandmaster, or abbot.
  The headbands of braided leather enriched with the same blessings as those for her crew remain unchanged. Though Boki is no longer upon the world, her shrine within Old Fane grants the blessings to the new headbands.   Their clothing is of cotton and wool dyed in augustine and hearthcoal, a muted black. How much of the acolytic dress an acolyte wears is a symbol of their journey to enlightenment.   Petitioners are given hearthcoal armbands of cloth and continue to wear their regular clothes.   Once a petitioner has completed their primary studies, they are accepted for further training as a novitiate. They are given a one-shoulder top and loose-fitting pants colored with hearthcoal. The pants have a waistband of augustine. Depending on the seasons, these could be wool or cotton. A belt of twisted hearthcoal cloth with a buckle of aged brass and a pair of sandals complete the ensemble.   A novitiate who has completed the trials of enlightenment becomes a true acolyte, earning the title of Brother or Sister. They receive their blessed headband and a leather sash dyed augustine and hearthcoal, though these have a sheen as the leather is polished. This sash includes a shoulder pad on the bare shoulder when wearing the one-shoulder top and two buckles of aged brass for adjusting.   An acolyte who has passed the greater trials becomes a master of enlightenment, earning the title of Father or Mother. They receive an elaboate epaulette that covers both shoulders and straps that wrap around the torso and arms. This is made of intricately worked leather in the colors of hearthcoal and augustine. Instead of a one-shoulder top, they wear a shirt with three-quarter sleeves to prevent too much material bunched at the wrists. At the base of the throat, a single amethyst is set. This once served as communication between officers but that enchantment was lost when Boki left the world, so now the gems are simply decoration.
  Boki named her ship "Desh Honka", an Auldwyrm name meaning "Gray Goose", as the ship could sail on water or in the sky.   Every voyage meant soaring unnoticed past the cloud cities of the Hrokentorm.   Being found by the war golems or Hrokentorm magics would have meant certain destruction.   It was this dire need for secrecy and stealth that all metal was aged brass so as not to reflect light and clothing was of muted colors.   Old Fane never had a name until Boki left the world and the acolytes decided to call it Old Fane.   Built into a mountain top in such a way as to be unseen and under sized for giantkin, Old Fane is as much a fortress as a temple with enough solid mountain around it to withstand an attack.   The path up to Old Fane was made too narrow for giantkin, as it was just wide enough for a man to lead a sure-footed donkey along it.   The acolytes have since named this path the Long Steep.   Their loose-fitting garb is perfect for the Long Steep as it allows the acolytes a full range of motion should they slip on fog dampened rock or need to dodge a loose falling stone.     Originally built as a landing on the Darkwater River, the Appelkamp Monastery was built into the stone bluff of the riverbank as Old Fane had been built into a mountain top.   A small rock harbor was built to make it easier for river boats to land but it's still not the easiest place to land a river boat.   Despite its small outwardly appearance, Appelkamp Monastery is best known for the library in the catacombs beneath it.   Many folks often see the garb of an Appelkamp acolyte and mistake them for a sage or scribe.

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Appelkamp Monastery

  As the numbers of acolytes grew, so did their need for greater amounts of supplies. This led to the acolytes building a landing on the Darkwater River, shortening the distance their trains of pack donkeys had to travel overland. Over time, this landing was built up into a monastery they named Appelkamp. At first, Appelkamp was a place for masters to study in between supply runs. Eventually they, too, began to train acolytes.  
Second Gen Garb Appelkamp Acolyte.png

Appelkamp Acolyte

The Darkwater River runs the length of the Miribex Kingdom and is a major trade route.   Being on the Darkwater brought the attention of the Allgods Temple, which controls all religion within Miribex.   Unlike Old Fane, which was safely distanced on its mountain top, Appelkamp was forced to join the Allgods Temple and bow to its rules.   Appelkamp not only had to register with the Allgods Temple, they had to pass along an annual tithe to the Temple.   The only other major change the Allgods Temple demanded was for the acolytes to change their garb to something much less ... rustic.   After weeks of debate between Appelkamp and Old Fane, a new style was created.
Second Gen Garb Appelkamp Master.png

Appelkamp Master

  Petitioners wear a sleeveless top, pants, and socks in augustine. They are also given hearthcoal colored sandals with formed soles, the current style in Miribex.   Novitiates wear the same thing with the addition of a leather sleeveless tabard with crossed lapels that reach above the knee in front with a coat tail that reaches just below the knees in back. This leather is of polished hearthcoal with augustine trim. A leather belt is in polished augustine. The buckle for this belt is aged brass.   One thing they refused to change were the headbands. Fortunately, the Temple allowed them. Novitiates who pass the trials and become acolytes get their headbands delivered by Old Fane masters.   The masters of Appelkamp get a pullover leather surcoat of long sleeves. This is in polished hearthcoal with polished augustine trim. A leather belt of polished augustine with an aged brass buckle finishes the surcoat. Over the surcoat, an elaborate leather epaulette that covers both shoulders is polished hearthcoal over a layer of polished augustine. A long chest plate trimmed in aged brass completes the epaulette.  

The Brethren

  A hundred seventy years ago, there was an Appelkamp master named Sainted Father Duno Deerwest who began the Brethren. He taught them to carry out very secret work. Since The End Of Instant, the Brethren have taken to watching out for magic users organized into consortiums and covens who plot to do great terrible magics. The Brethren numbers are too few to be able to directly confront these groups, but they are masters at spying and sabatoge in secret.   The Brethren are all Appelkamp members, though some of them were never trained in Appelkamp or even in Old Fane. Instead, they were trained in the master-to-apprentice style. Being of such a secretive order, the Brethren only wear their Appelkamp garb when there is need, like formal meetings at an Allgods Temple or the special sevices at Appelkamp or Old Fane.   The masters of the Brethren live as shopkeepers with cellars that are more than just storehouses, or as traveling merchants who do more than sell wares during their journeys.   Though the Brethren wear regular clothes, they do keep to a style. They wear fashionable surcoats or slickers and dress in the latest, yet sensible, trends while favoring tans and russets. Their headbands are often made to fit about a hat or serve as a neckpiece that more often than not holds a pendant or locket.  
The Brethren Garb Ex: Fawkes.png

Brethren Acolyte

One master and apprentice pair of Brethren are Thimys Fairchild and his grandson Fawkes L. H. Fairchild.   They are "spice merchants" with their own river boat, The Gosling.   Thimys Fairchild and his gnome friend Korillo Kreegon spent many years questing for the hidden pieces of Desh Honka.   Eventually they succeeded and the Wheel of Wandering was crafted into The Gosling.
The Brethren Garb Ex: Grandfather.png

Brethren Master

  Flying its pennants whevever heading into a port, the Gosling proudly declares itself a "trading" boat. Beneath their tans and russets, who knows what the Fairchilds are REALLY up to when they step off the Gosling?


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Great article :D I like the historical origin of the outfits and to see how and why it evolved.   " The dark cognac strand holds the tolerance for climate, the griffin strand holds courage, and the augustine strand holds insight." Do you mean that each piece of leather is from the hide of a different animal? Or are those colour names? I think you need an explanation.   " It was the dire need for secrecy and stealth that all metal was aged brass so as not to reflect light and clothing was of muted colors." I like those details.   So is Boki "just" one citizen of the Hrokentorm Empire and it's because she shared knowledge with other people that those people consider her a goddess?   A minor thing, at first I thought that Boki was sailing to meet people and speak with them/teach them stuff, but it doesn't seem to have bene the case. I think she just found some random people and got them in her crew and just by being in the crew they learn how to do sail and maybe the magic that went into it, am I correct? If so I think you can clarify that.   " the way of the Hrokentorm" What do you mean by that? Is it just a way to say that they are using magic since Boki was from this empire?   As an organisational comment, I would add a short introduction paragraph at the start of the article to explain the link between the costume and what you're explaining afterwards.   I like that the temple forced them to change their outfits because they found it too rustic XD

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Yes, there are other gods but I left them out of the history as it was getting deeper than the outfits needed lol

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Very nice article! As usual great use of layout and art :) I like how you have created differents costumes and how each one came to be. Links it all together very nicely. I feel like some stuff in the sidebar does not fully belong in the article though like the ship which you could perhaps just add as a link :)   Nice wording used for the forced disuse of the old 'rustic' garments :p In all nice read!

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I love your descriptions of the clothing, particularly the colours. The use of Hero Forge figures to illustrate the outfit is well done. I also like the historical background to how the clothes came to be.

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Awesome work! I really enjoyed reading through the various iterations of the costume, and its evolution across history. The more mythological origins are also really entertaining! Awesome work!

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Flying ship, I LOVE flying ships!
I really like how you explain your world through the costumes with this article. Even as someone not knowing anything about it, it's a great read.

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Real interesting, shows a lot of details. The only downside to me is that it almost feels as if you have 5 articles merged into a single one.

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Thanx. Some love all the details and some think its too much. I think I am dancing on a fine line. LOL

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Thanx. I was trying to go for simple yet cool

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I really like the layout of your article and how you go through the evolution of the uniform, including acolyte and master. The braided leather is a really interesting component of the uniform.

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So much variety and detail here. I love all the art you've included to break up the impressive amount of text, which is also impressively written.

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