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Creating Your Character

This will help you create your character and their story before you do things like roll up stats, determine skills, equipment, and all that technical mumbo jumbo best left for session 0. Now let's get started.   STEP 1: Choose your race from the following list of player races approved for this campaign world. Click the colored words for the list. Campaign Races   STEP 2: Choose the age of your character in human years. At session 0, we will calculate the actual age for your race, if not human. This is very helpful for many of the options in STEP 6.   STEP 3: Choose the eye color, skin color, scale colors, fur color, hair color/styles, facial hair, blemishes. You can also choose tattoos then say what they mean/stand for. You may also choose to have scars as long as there is an explanation for how your character got them. Height and weight will be determined at session 0 and will be based on race.   STEP 4: Choose your family info. Who raised you? If family, name them. If someone else, name them and explain why they raised you instead of you birth parents. Have no idea who your family is, mention that but still explain who raised you ... private orphanage, church orphanage, distant relative like uncle, grandparent, etc. If you choose to be raised in the wild by wolves or some such thing then you MUST choose the hermit background. If you grew up on the mean streets of a city without anyone, you MUST choose the URCHIN background.   STEP 5: Where did you grow up? A place governed by your own race or a place governed by a different race? Make up a name of your home village/town/city neighborhood.   STEP 6: Choose your background from the list approved for the campaign world. Click the colored words. Campaign Backgrounds   STEP 7: Choose your character's class from the list approved for the campaign world. Click the colored words. Campaign Classes   STEP 8: Describe how your character went from your chosen background to your chosen class, and who taught/trained/was involved in you learning/becoming your chosen class.   STEP 9: Describe why your character is at the beautiful beach island of the small town of Palma Flora where the annual Shark Hunting Tournament is going on. Are you participating in the tournament? Are you enjoying the famous drink Palma Paradise, eating some of the freshly caught and grilled shark? Are you lounging, building a sand sculpture, or listening to the bards on the beach while dancers in seaweed skirts and kilts dance on the sand? Perhaps you are doing something else on the beach.

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Cover image: Garzio the Tome by Noupload


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