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Blackstone Town Watch



Mudrunner Clan

The Blackstone Town Watch was formed back in the day when the Mudrunner Clan of river people stopped going on raids and decided to be settled folk. The need was great to protect themselves from other clans, especially as their town stood alone on the South Branch of the Darkwater River.   Back then, every man, from the day he turned sixteen, served as part of the watch. Each year a full third of the men spent their entire time on guard while the rest of the town would see to doing their regular work. Turns rotated so that a man would serve in the watch one year every three years. For a full one hundred years, the watch defended Blackstone in this manner.

After Miribex Discovered Blackstone

When the king's men arrived at Blackstone and the town was formally recognized into the Kingdom of Miribex, changes had to be made for the town watch.     First, they needed proper uniforms. Next, there would be watch regulars who dedicated their lives to the watch. These watchmen would have to be paid by the town.     Finally, there needed to be a captain of the watch who would see to the equipping and training of the watch as well as commanding them. After much debate and alot of work, these things came to be.

The Watch Nowadays

      The Blackstone Town Watch currently consists of sixteen watchmen and one captain, Captain of the Watch Dyvu Rapp. Rapp and half of his wathmen are in the pay of The Hand . These honest watchmen Rapp keeps out of the way by having them patrol Trail Ridge and the Banks Road.       Being paid to ignore the Hand in town had once been easy. But since the Hand's rogue wizard had killed more than just his intended victim in the Blackstone Inn. The watch failing to catch this mysterious wizard built resent in the families of the other victims.       Then came the theft of over half a dozen fishing boats, the lifeblood of the fishers of Blackstone. That the watch did nothing infuriated the fishers who took out their rage on any watchman caught out alone.
Three days later, the boats were returned and the fishers calmed down a bit. That calm did not last as Thimmy Cragjumper went missing soon after. A couple days later, Fawkes L. H. Fairchild rescued Thimmy from the Hand's ship, Eddy Rider. The Eddy Rider escaped Blackstone after a mob of angry townsfolk, let by Thimmy's father nearly swarmed aboard the ship.   Shyri Cragjumper and Thimmy were forced to flee Blackstone as the Hand still in town wanted the boy dead. Fawkes took them away aboard The Gosling.   Now, tensions have risen to a fever pitch. Can the town and the watch ever find peace? Can the watch go back to ignoring the Hand for the coins?
  Blackstone's Captain of the Watch Dyvu Rapp   Captain Dyvu Rapp commands the sixteen men of the Blackstone Town Watch. Rumors abound that he is deep in the pockets of the Hand though no one dares to say so where he or his watchmen can hear.   Will Rapp ever be able to smooth things over and still get rich off the Hand?
Civilian, Crew

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7 Dec, 2021 16:55

Sounds like the double dealing of the watch is coming back to bite them in the butt. I like how you've included the history and how it has changed through the years.

7 Dec, 2021 17:19


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