The Fresh Pants of Bael'Ayr

You aided me greatly in my time of time of need. Please, take this gift as a sign of my gratitude. My only caveat is that they must never be sold, only passed on to another who has helped the wearer, or their magic will not work.
— Cerubix to the trader who helped him

A gift of thanks

These one of a kind magical pants once belonged to an air Djinn named Cerubix Bael'Ayr. His mother had made them to keep him cool during his sojourn in the deserts of Ahiria. When he left the desert, he gifted them to a Gnomish trader who had helped him after he had managed to get himself lost and was nearly dead from thirst.   The traders name was Sylvester Glimmershine, and he was delighted with his gift. The pants not only kept him feeling cool on the hottest of days, they also remained as fresh and clean as if just washed, at all times. They were a little ostentatious, and he thought the other traders may laugh at him, but to his surprise everyone thought he looked marvellous in them.
Cerubix Bael'ayr by Created using Hero Forge

The crafting

Cerubix's mother, Onyas, was responsible for the creation of these wonderful pants of cooling. She spun the cloth from the silver lining of the clouds of their home plane, and stitched them together using the hair from pegasus tails. The belt she crafted from the finest silver, and fixed upon it three enchanted storm crystals, one to the back and one to each side. In the centre-front she placed the fossilized eye of a frost dragon. Once she had finished she washed them in the icy river waters of Mount Hroneth and hung them atop its peak to dry in the freshest of winds.    


The pants will keep the wearer feeling cool in the hottest of temperatures, and looking cool no matter the situation.
The enchanted crystals ensure the pants never get dirty, and always have that freshly washed and line dried smell.
The dragon eye protects the pants from both mundane and magical fire, giving them immunity to damage from both.


The legs of the pants are loose and baggy, and gathered at the ankles. They sit just above the hip bones and are cinched with an intricate silver belt which is attached to the waistband. The greys in the material shift and swirl slowly like clouds in the sky, and the pants shimmer with a silvery sheen in the light. The belt is made from intricately wrought linked discs of silver set with three roiling storm crystals, the clasp is mounted with an icy blue dragon eye.
by Tim de Roos(Bonus Action)
Item type
These pants are rare
0.3 kg
Depends upon the wearer


Notable owners

Yirvan Linter, a Catfolk wizard in training, was the first owner to have the pants stolen from him. He had been playing Goblin Swish outside the Academy with some friends, when a couple of older wizard students began picking on them. They put up a reasonable fight but they were no match for the more experienced magic users, and Yirvan ended up losing his pants as punishment for daring to fight back.
Greta Haeshan was the only person to successfully modify the pants in some fashion. All other attempts had simply caused whatever tools were being used in the attempt to break. However, using a needle from the tail of a manticore she was able to attach two small furry dice, hanging from a pair of tassles, to the front of the pants waistband.

Current owner

My, doesn't he look dashing in those pants. Very princely indeed.
— A bystander to his friend
Prince Opa Ja'Tael had been embroiled in a bitter rivalry with his two siblings for the Seat of House Tael, after the unexpected death of their Mother left the Seat empty. He was gifted the pants by a young woman after he saved her husband from some of his sister's guardsmen who were shaking down the local country folk. The confidence the pants gave him, along with his earnest nature, allowed him to win over the people and finally take his place as the Seat of House Tael.


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