Snow, Ice spirit

The sound of ice floes cracking (a.k.a. Snow)

Within the Ice Heart Shrine resides the ice Spirit known fondly as Snow. Having rescued the druids from near icy death many years ago they formed a lasting bond and they help protect her from dangers and in return she grants her power to the Heart staffs that are bestowed upon each new druid. Her general demeanour is often curious and childlike, delighting in small things. However she is has lived for a long time so also has a welth of wisdom about certain matters. When raised to anger she exudes a cold and menacing aura.

Physical Description

Body Features

Comprised mostly of ice. Humanoid in shape. Frosty skin/surface which glistens in sunlight. hair like icicles

Facial Features

Small and sharp features, not very expressive

Physical quirks

Surrounded in a cold mist aura.

Special abilities

Great command of elemental magic relating to cold and water. Shift states/form .

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Been alive for several hundred years. rescued the druids during a terrible ice storm. Took them back to glacier she resides in. agreed to allow the druids to build a shrine here in return for protection from extra planar entities.

Morality & Philosophy

Good aligned but doesn't follow any mortal laws. Believes and follows the laws of nature. Balance needs to be maintained.

Personality Characteristics


To protect the land she is tied to.
Neutral Good
Current Location
A bright piercing blue
Spiky icicles
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Frosty white / clear refractive
Known Languages
Elemental and common.


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