Rogar and Timble

Joint owners of The Sweet Slice Rogar and Timble are becoming well known names in certain circles of Osbegdan society. Small circles, but considering neither of them have ever been anywhere near a circle in their lives up to now, any circle is a step up. They are hoping the launch of their new themed bar and cocktail range will propel them towards bigger and better circles.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The pair have known each other most of their lives and have spent the last nine years happily married. Both the sons of farmers they grew up on neighbouring farms and often played together at social gatherings. As they grew older their friendship deepened and by their teens they were nearly inseparable. Rogar was a dreamer and often spoke of his desire to move to the big city and make a name for himself, encouraging Timble to come with him. The thought of the big city secretly terrified Timble, but the thought of losing his friend terrified him more, though he kept those feelings to himself.


During the wheat blight their parents' farms suffered greatly and the pair got their chance to move to the city to earn extra money for their families. The pair rented a cheap room and took any jobs they could find, sending most of the money back home to their families. Rogar soon found himself apprenticed to master wheelwright Jonas Cloverfield, and Timble finally took permanent work at one of the liveries. After a few years the wheat blight was cured and the farms began to recover, allowing the pair to start saving money for themselves.

Accomplishments & Achievements

It was shortly after this that the pair realised their friendship had grown into a deep love and they got married in a small ceremony at a local shrine. A year after this, Jonas died suddenly in an accident and Rogar was surprised to discover that Jonas had left his business to him. Apparently Jonas had thought Rogar to be a skilled and sensible young man, and having no children of his own had deemed Rogar to be the closest thing he had to a child. The business was quite successful and between the two, they managed to keep it as such and even grow it somewhat. After a few years they were able to afford their own house and even adopted a daughter, a young human named Simi.

Personality Characteristics


Timble had come out of his shell quite a bit since moving to the city and the pair liked to go out and socialise. After realising most of the taverns in Osbegda were pretty similar and offered pretty much the same experience, Timble had an idea to make something that was different. When he approached Rogar with his idea his husband thought it was great, the wheelwright business might have been profitable but it was dull. They spent the next couple years researching and finding the perfect spot for their new tavern when they stumbled upon a roomy building with a bloody past, and thus The Sweet Slice came into being. The pair are now determined to make their new enterprise the new 'place to be seen' in Osbegda.
Current Location

Rogar Stonecleave

A rotund Dwarf with auburn hair and a large well groomed moustache. A jovial chap with a rather crude sense of humour, he is nevertheless a shrewd businessman. He has become quite enamoured with fancy hats and usually sports whichever style happens to be in fashion at he time. He dotes on his husband and daughter and loves to cook for them.  

Timble Jacinth

Tall for a gnome with a shock of pale blonde hair and a trimmed goatee, Timble is always smartly dressed in colourful clothes. Slightly more reserved than his husband he does however have a bit of temper if pushed. He shares his daughters love for horses and the pair go riding every week.

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