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Readers Who Know

Written for the Readers by Dee Vee
"Welcome, Reader. If you have stumbled upon these pages, you are ready, or at the very least willing, to learn the truth of your existence. The experience will not be easy, and you may suffer greatly, but such is the price to pay for this ultimate knowledge...
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Social, Brotherhood / Sisterhood
May 2021

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25 May, 2021 13:25

Okey-doke. It was nice having ya here, Mar. Take care of yourself.

Journeyman Gege16
Gege Escriva
26 May, 2021 03:09

I know i have interacted with you just a few times, but i think you are nice and i was excited about your project. It was nice to have you here, even for that little time. If it is the best for you i respect that decision. I hope everything will be better for you soon. Take care of yourself, it was nice talking with you.

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26 May, 2021 06:47

You will be missed, but you need to consider what is in your best interests. Take care and don't be a stranger.